The Truth MKO leaders Claim

In a mind control cult there is nothing called Truth. As the cult leaders believe, the “Reality” is not something external but only in people’s mind so the Truth is what the cult called “Truth”. In this way, the cult controls the Truth by controlling the members’ mind.

The leaders’ of MKO terrorist cult try to pretend that their organizational system wants to bring happiness and prosperity to people but actually they see their members as weak individuals who are not able to live freely and to face the Truth of the life. Massoud and Maryam Rajavi are well aware of their real goal which is maintenance of their power in the cult and achievement of power in Iranian political scene. The power is not the means, according to the Rajavis, but it’s the goal. They see the power as the ability of imposing extreme pain and grief on other members.

Therefore, that’s the power that creates the Truth and Reality for them.

When the Rajavis claim that their cult is the best alternative to IRI regime, the members who are isolated behind the cult bars have no way to investigate such a claim. Thus the claim becomes a truth for them. As far as they are kept behind the barbed wires of camp Ashraf they have to accept their cult as the best system to liberate the world!

The more the destructive cult of Rajavi controls its members’ minds, the more they become a number of instruments to accomplish the Rajavi’s goals. The members of MKO cult are today the tools to change the forms to the Reality to what is appropriate for their own cause.

Indeed, the truth is something that the masses of people agree about it not what the cult leaders claim. The limited numbers of MKO members are victims of Rajavi’s skillful manipulative practices that make them believe the opposite of what is the truth.

Therefore, as far as the individual has no independence in his opinions and believe what the cult says, two plus two can equal five, Slavery can be the same as freedom for them. They think that they are free because they don’t know the difference between True and False any more.

The function of manipulative approaches is especially useful in ideological systems like Rajavi’s cult. They torture their members physically or mentally under the cover of their ideological principals. This is what Rajavi does with his victims in his cult. One may have two reactions to the fate of Rajavi’s victims: to get more disappointed or to accept that it is not too late, there is still time to be courageous and encounter the cruelty of MKO leaders. It is clear that human soul is more powerful than the manipulative system.

By Mazda Parsi

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