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American Army charge on families in a joint operation with MKO terrorists

In what can only be interpreted as an attempt to assert their hegemony over their terrorists in Iraq, fifteen American soldiers arrived yesterday (March 01, 2010) in armoured vehicles at the gates of Camp New Iraq (formerly Ashraf) to confront the families who have established a long-term picket there.

Families to US army: bring Obama himself and we will not be intimidated

The families have travelled from Iran and other countries to demand that the MKO leaders allow their children to meet with them. The MKO have refused and have bunkered down out of fear. Now the Americans have had to intervene on their behalf to try to send the families away.

The Americans were accompanied by three MKO personnel who acted as translators and who hid their faces so they would not be recognized. The Americans and the translators tried to approach the families to get information from them and film them, but Iraqi soldiers advised the families to keep their distance.

Hourieh Mohammadi from Canada, who is in Iraq to find her sister, used a loudspeaker to inform the Americans of the families’ demands. She told them ‘even if you bring Mr. Obama himself here I will not leave until I have found my sister’.

Iraqi officers at the camp said they will not take action now but the role of the Americans in this situation has been noted. The Iraqi’s have assured the families that if the intimidation becomes more invasive, they will certainly step in to protect them.

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