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In solidarity with the MKO Cult’s victims families

Declaration of Ancient Iran Association in solidarity with the Cult’s victims families

Ancient Iran ,Glorious future Association declares its solidarity with the honorable families who have been waiting behind the closed gates of notorious Ashraf Garrison to meet with their loved ones for almost a month .

The cult’s dictator leaders who are terrified of giving permission to any meetings and visitations to their members, have hampered of families’ meeting with their loved ones up to now . Face to face Meeting and visitation is everyone’s legal right and according to that the leaders of this cult must allow their victims to meet with their families.

The Ancient Iran , Glorious Future Association based on its humane task urge and entreat of all humanitarian organizations and Iranian freedom lovers as well as the critics and separated members of this cult for their solidarity with those sad families who have been in sit- in for days behind the closed gates of Ashraf Garrison. In this regard notifying all humanitarian organization such as UNHCR, Amnesty International, ICRC, Human Rights Watch and get in touch with Press and Media throughout the world are the first priority to help these families.


Ancient Iran, Paris

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