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Families of Rajavi cult victims maintain their vigil outside Camp Ashraf

“…this son of mine was dead, but now he is alive; he was lost but now he has been found!” (Luke 15:24)

In February, when the MKO leaders realised that a group of Iranian families were to visit Camp Ashraf and would insist on visiting their relatives who were resident there, they used their propaganda to claim that the families are actually agents sent by the Iranian intelligence services and they have been sent to kill the MKO members and destroy the camp.


However, when pictures of the families were published on various websites, the MKO removed their false messages from their western funded propaganda media; their television channel, websites and print media. They suddenly realised that people are looking at them and wondering how it is that the “National Liberation Army” which was supposed to liberate a country of 70 million people, is crying foul and saying that 25 pensioners are able to destroy them in their own camp with nothing in their hands. Having said that, the 25 pensioners themselves each believe that they will destroy the cult single-handedly as they know that once the gates of Camp Ashraf are opened and people are allowed to decide for themselves, no-one would be left for the leaders of this terrorist cult and all their hostages will leave.


For the time being, Maryam Rajavi and some of her henchmen are riding on the backs of these hostages trapped in the Iraqi camp. They issue their stream of advertisement statements paid for with money stolen from Iraqi banks. The MKO began to take video clips of the families suffering outside the gate of the camp. They ridiculed them and their desperate situation while showing Maryam Rajavi portraying herself as a film star, a celebrity.

This ridiculous CIA funded and CIA backed propaganda of the cult in the west continued until the families decided to turn their banners and loud speakers towards the residents inside the camp so that any film taken by the MKO from inside the camp would have inevitably shown and recorded the simple demand of the families (or as the MKO was trying to pretend, the ‘agents of the regime’). Suddenly all the filming and broadcasting from the cult outlets stopped. They could no longer show them since the simple demand would be seen on their simple banners – let us see our children.


The MKO cult leaders then waited and expected that the old men and women with no place to stay at the gates of the camp would one by one and in a matter of days, fall ill or become tired and would eventually leave. They would not be able to survive under simple tents for much longer. This may have been true and some of the older and sick families had to leave the gate after a while and go back home to attend their problems. But the MKO leaders did not imagine that others with the same goal and overcoming the same problems would not leave. And they little imagined that there are many more who will replace the ones who can no longer continue.
For the families, it makes no difference now who will meet their loved ones first. Now the families, which are growing in number by the day, are in the sixth week of their picket in front of the camp. They have taken a collective oath not to leave the gate until they release all the children and all the hostages from Rajavi cult’s garrison.

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