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Rajavi cult victims in Ashraf garrison need help

Open letter of Yaran Association to director of United Nations’ office in Paris- France

Honorable director of United Nations’ office in Paris- France Rajavi cult victims in Ashraf garrison need help


We as the former members of people’s mujahedin organization ,which each one of us had spent 15-20 years in mujahedin’s bases and garrisons throughout Iraq and according to our knowledge which pmoi leaders do not submit enough and accurate information to you and other international organizations regarding to their members’ situation and according to the notorious essence of the leadership of this organization which have never allowed the famous and credible or independent news agencies enter Ashraf-garrison to produce a documentary program of the life in Ashraf and according to the captivity of thousands of our brothers and sisters and friends who are under severe control and supervision of this notorious cult and its leadership and deprived of any freedom of speech and being under horrifying collective trials which we have witnessed and observed and according to this fact that more than 70percent of Ashraf residents do not want to stay in Iraq by no means and the majority of them want to separate from this notorious cult, but the leadership of this cult by begetting tensions and scuffles with Iraqi government and Iraqi forces , have created fear of Iraqi government among its members so no one can easily make a decision to free himself from this notorious cult by surrounding to Iraqi police or escape .

According to this fact that the leadership of this notorious cult without the international pressures do not allow the Ashraf residents to move to another place where they can easily decide for themselves and their future and have access to the international organizations directly and without pmoi interference and according to this fact that the pmoi leadership utilizes variety of deceptions and tricks to keep the Ashraf residents in a oppressive environment to prevent them sending their thoughts about this cult to others throughout the world, I urge you ,as a humanitarian organization ,by condemning the leaders of this organization put pressure on them to force them to respond to the international demands , the members families and Iraqi government . your organization should help to ease the relocating process of pmoi members to an adequate place where they can directly and easily get in touch with international organizations .

We , the for members of this notorious cult who rescued ourselves from this cult , are ready ,if it is necessary ,to reveal all tricks and deceptions which the leadership of this cult utilize to prolong this process, and we can explain why Maryam Rajavi tried her best to keep and conserve Ashraf garrison by all means and why she does not want the international organizations to carry out the shutting down of this garrison by a peaceful manner and why she obstructs in this peaceful relocating process .

At the end , we thank you and your organization for helping our friends in Ashraf to have a peaceful relocation to a place where they can easily and freely get in touch with their families and the international organizations as well as having access to the free world and we are ready to cooperate with you utterly regarding Ashraf and its internal facts .

With many thanks, waiting for all necessary measures

Yaran Association, Paris

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