MKO: People’s Friends or Foes

MKO’s terrorist cult published the news of Maryam Rajavi’s trip to Germany. Their website wrote:

On Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 Maryam Rajavi, president of NCR visits German MPs in the parliament. In its news report the website said: in a meeting held by a number of German parliamentarians, Maryam Rajavi asked them to work for change in EU’s policy towards Iran and to defend Ashraf …

Maryam Rajavi’s trip to Germany indicates Europeans double standards towards terrorist and violent groups. They endanger the security of their own countries by playing an illogic game with such groups. According to political principals and EU laws, any group or entity with a background of terrorist, violent acts against civilians should be boycotted for much political financial or spiritual support. However, the public opinion notice Mrs. Rajavi, the leader of one of the most horrifying violent groups, traveling in Europe, visiting politic men of the so-called developed democratic countries, defending the activities and violent strategy of her cult of personality.

She asked German authorities to support her terrorist destructive cult and criticized them because they had already failed to support her group.

European politic men may not have enough information on the three-decade activities of MKO cult as an armed group that launched large-scale violent attacks against innocent civilians and assassinated thousands of people due to its ill-minded hatred towards humanity.

German authorities who met with Maryam Rajavi might have had no knowledge of MKO’s spying and mercenary role for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as a strategic ally for the most inhuman regime through the history.

A question is, how can Maryam Rajavi claim to be a patriotic Iranian while she takes such a position against her own nation? While she speaks of weakening Iranian power just like the designer of Imperialism Henry Kissinger?!

Kissinger was the one who planned the massacre of people of Vietnam. According to a BBC report, he remarks on the west policy towards Iran:”You should not let Iran to fulfill its dream for the establishment of its empire in the region.” He does not respond to those who asked him to apologize for the atrocities he committed in Vietnam.

Maryam Rajavi calls the world to impose more sanctions against Iran … . The self-assigned president of NCR encourages Western powers to stop seeking diplomatic solutions and negotiations with Iran, instead she persuades them to impose more punishments against Iran.

The experienced American politic man Henry Kissinger, in his interview with German Eshpigel news agency, confessed that “the benefits to America and the West no more necessitate them to keep Iran’s sovereignty on its territory. A disintegrated Iran is better than a powerful, great Iran.”

The boundaries between illusion and reality should be enlightened for Mrs. Rajavi. The leaders of Mujahedin Khalq should make it clear if they are friends or foes of Iranian people.

By : Arash Rezaiee

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