Iraq: our soil no launch-pad for MKO against Iran

Iraqi envoy to Tehran said on Wednesday that his county would not allow its soil to be used as a launch-pad for any aggressions against Iran.
"We will never authorize any actions against the Islamic republic from Iraqi soil," Mohammad Majid al-Sheikh told Al-Alam.
The Iraqi official also praised his country’s "friendly" relations with Tehran since fall of former dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003.
"The Islamic republic is our Muslim and important neighbor, and we urge having strong relations with this country, therefore we do not allow MKO (Mujahedeen-e-Khalq terrorist group) or any other parties to take any actions against Iran," the Iraqi envoy said.
Majid al-Sheikh said also referred to the recent arrest of members of two groups of MKO which attempted bomb attacks in Iran and said his country is opposed to the terrorist group’s presence in the Iraqi soil.
"… We are opposed to their presence in Iraqi soil and, as you already know, Iraqi officials have several times called for their exit from the country," he said.
"They are still in Iraq because no other country is ready to accept them, however, we do not let them carry out any operations or training against the Islamic republic…," he added.

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