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Lawmaker Warns Paris about Anti-Iran Moves

A member of the Iranian parliament on Monday strongly criticized France’s support for the anti-Iran terrorist group, the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization, saying that such support will harm the interests of Paris.

"If the French want to continue relations with Iran, they should root out their relations with Zionism and those who are hostile to Iran such as the MKO, and confront them," Head of Iran-France Parliamentary Friendship Group Hassan Kamran said in a gathering of the families of the victims of terrorism outside the French embassy in Tehran on Monday.

He noted that Iran has repeatedly told the French envoy that the government of France should avoid double-standard behaviors towards the terrorist group and should not allow MKO members to continue their presence on its soil.

Kamran also called on Paris to distance itself from the US and Israel’s militaristic policies in the region since such moves will harm France’s interests.

Hundreds of people shouted slogans on Monday outside the French embassy in protest against the holding of a rally in Paris by MKO members on Saturday.

Protestors who asked the French government to hand over the MKO members to Iran chanted slogans in condemnation of the terrorist group.

The gathering took place on the anniversary of a bomb attack on the central office of Jomhuri Eslami party in Tehran in 1981 by the terrorist MKO in which 72 of party members, including senior Iranian political and religious officials, were martyred.

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