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Maryam Rajavi, Taverny gathering and fruitless tumult

On July 26th, when MKO propaganda champagne held a gathering in Jean bouin stadium in a small town called Taverny, Maryam Rajavi had nothing to say except repeating her previous nonsense. She was even unable to present new ideas for MKO members. She could not suggest a solution for the mire MKO was stuck in although MKO made efforts to get rid of it.
Maryam Rajavi, Taverny gathering and fruitless tumult
I listened to Maryam Rajavi’s speech on Simaye Azadi[MKO’s TV channel] carefully. The conclusion I made was that she implicitly expressed depressing pulses just like those wrinkles on her face which signifies her senility.

As usual she repeated some mottos and clichés, crying loudly but there was no sign of her harmony with the modern world and its evolutions, neither no sign of understanding the reality in her words. The names and positions of people who attended the gathering as MKO sympathizers seemed also astonishing to me. Besides some trivial political figures including the mayors of Ouver Sur d’Oise and Taverny who were generously funded by MKO, you could see John Bolton former American ambassador in UN, who is anti UN and an anti-Iran neo-conservative. Maryam Rajavi might know better than everyone that inviting John Bolton to attend MKO’s gathering and to speak as an MKO sponsor, in fact signifies the refusal of all principals of the struggle once MKO founders insisted on. Being trapped by politic men of the alleged Imperialists and warmongers such as John Bolton and siding with such an anti-Iran person, shows an extreme scandal of the self-assigned president Maryam Rajavi.

A look at thoughts and personality of this warmonger element reveals shocking facts to those who still have a sense of nationalism and patriotism. These facts may clarify the border between right and wrong.

During his speech in the gathering, John Bolton clearly described his anti-Iranian ideas. "I don’t think that sanctions will prevent the regime from its nuclear weapon program. In my opinion, the sanctions can be helpful for the day the regime falls. We need much more than sanctions.

But, who is John Bolton? He is a senior member of American Enterprise Institute, Council of National Policy and an analyst of FoxNews, also an active member of Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

He is an extremist rightist neo-conservative who was imposed to Collin Powel by Dick Chenny the then American vice-president Iin order to supervise the moderate policies of that retired General. He believes that international treaties and even the UN limit America’s hegemony over the world.

At the time of the meeting of vote of confidence he resorted to dissimulation and deception so he could win 57 pro votes against 43 cons. During that meeting Jesse Helms, the extremist senator who approved the "Helms-Bolton" law to impose sanctions on foreign oil firms in order not to invest in Iran, supported her henchman John Bolton by saying words that revealed Bolton’s nature. "John Bolton is the kind of man with whom I would want to stand at Armageddon …[or what Bible calls] the last battle between good and evil."

Ian Williams, UN’s Washington Report correspondent is completely familiar with John Bolton. He warns:"it is not clear where Bolton stands on Armageddon, but it is clear he has the greatest sympathy with the Christian Right’s world view." among these rightist one may find Dick Chenny, Donald Ramsfeld and his under secretary Paul Wolfovitz. "It would be very dangerous to ignore Bolton’s statement. These are harbingers of endless wars" Williams continues.

Mrs. Maryam Azdanlou [Rajavi] probably invited John Bolton to her gathering despite her perfect awareness of his anti-Iranian views including "the relations of America with other countries should be like that of a hammer and a nail."

Richard Curtiss, a contributor to Washington Report reveals that "Bolton seems very dogmatic in his prejudices. He has champagned tirelessly against the International Criminal Court".

Bolton is a supporter of Wolfwitz’s "Opposite Domino Theory", according to Mark Perlman, a correspondent of Forward journal. Wolfowitz believes that invading Iraq would serve as a domino to extend the US’s influence in other parts of the region.

John Bolton who once played an important role in mobilizing the White House and Pentagon to invade Iraq, is now seeking more tensions between Washington, Tehran and Damascus Public opinion, believes that Bolton operates as a radical figure to create a balance against some American moderate politicians. Bolton views Iran and Syria as serious threats to Israel and never allows them to harm Telaviv’s security and esteem. During Bush, the father administration, he prevented the approval of a law that would see Zionism equivalent to Racism. Also, when in London he was asked why Washington would not take a similar approach towards Israel’s nuclear program, he answered:"the US is concerned about the threats against us and our allies ….we do not protect Israel but we protect the benefits of the US."

American famous journalists and experts think that what makes Bolton’s call for Iran’s ban (according to NPT) on its nuclear program funny, is that Bolton himself never believes in respecting international laws.

About four years ago, John Bolton declared clearly: "It’s a big mistake for us to grant validity to international law even when it may seem in our short-term interest to so."

Despite what public opinion expect "Bolton has been a staunch advocate of the Bush administration’s revival of the "Star Wars" missile defense system and its rejection of the anti-Ballistic Treaty." Richard Curtiss writes.

"John Bolton is to diplomacy as Jack the Ripper was to sugury, said Ian Williams to Nation Magazine.

Now, there is a question to ask Maryam Azdanlou: when you and other leaders of MKO terrorist cult are in the same campaign with anti-humane and anti-Iranian politicians and supported by them, what is your position?

Are you in position of a patriot or that of a traitor or our enemy’s mercenary?

By Arash Rezaiee

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