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Where does Maryam Rajavi stand?

When Masud Rajavi found out a risk from the organization’s members, looked for a woman who could save him from that abyss. A woman like “Farah Diba”, the Iranian Shah’s wife. In the meantime he fell in love with Maryam Qajar and after a period of liaison with her, divorced Firouzeh BaniSadr and introduced Maryam as the second person of the organization.

Mujahedin’s people propagandized her character and presented her as an outwardly perfect goddess. They held concerts in which they had publicities to attract western people’s attention.

They made a charismatic character of her in order to draw women’s attention to the organization. Pheminist thoughts published in MKO on one hand caused Masud to use it as his own shield and on the other hand, to be worried about replacing of this modern thought instead of his own idea.

When the women were charged with responsibilities and got the high positions, the supporters got angry and started to critisize, some men separated from the MEK. They considered Masud’s new strategies as abusing the women. But will Masud’s wishes be harmonious with Maryam’s feminine ambitions? In 2003, France police arrested her for two weeks. She was accused of using her residence in “Over Sur d’Oise” as a base to launch terrorist attacks. But police were forced to liberate her since the members set themselves on fire in front of Police Station and Iran Embassy.

In the early eighties, Iran witnessed the terror of its high officials and Maryam Rajavi as Masud’s main abettor was accused she was accused of operating terrorist operations, especially after the establishing of National Liberation Army as the military branch of the organization and Maryam was elected as the vice-commandant of the so-called army.

She fled Iran before her death sentence be issued. She had various positions in MKO, until the NCRI members who are completely absorbed by her personality, elected her as Iran President just when Masud pointed out. Therefore she became the executive manager of Masud’s vague ideology and occupied some positions in the organization. She claimed that one third of the organization members are women. On the other hand Iran has placed Maryam and Masud’s names in the list of wanted people and declared that they would never be forgiven. Nowadays Maryam considers herself as the elected president of Iran and tries to collect funds from her supporters from all over the word. She is in the hope of glossing over the accusations of her involvement in Oil – Food program in Iraq.  Maryam encouraged her supporters to act terror operations without paying attention to civilians and she is proud of her suicide policy.

Whenever a member of MKO is willing to return to normal life, they take him to their weekly meetings and repress him under high mental pressure of brain washing and repeat this phrase to him:” You were not created for a normal life! Listen to Maryam Rajavi to find a solution to your problems!”

Maryam is also wanted by the US and since 1997 her organization has been in the FTO list. The EU also followed the American policy In 2000. She repeatedly appears on video tapes and asks Jaque Shirak to return the seized funds of the MKO which were found during her arrest operation. She continually talks about a hundred – twenty thousands martyrs and half a million prisoners who are waiting for Bush to end Iran regime and deliver the government to her. She also has used Ahvaz case in order to have Arabs’ attention. 

What method does she use and according to which rules does she control her group? She sometimes addresses the members’ suicidal characteristic and asks them to apply Masud’s ideology. She encourages them to die and considers death as a virtue, even though she talks frequently about democracy and secularism.

It has been told that Maryam is Masud’s chain mail. She is the leader of a self – built cult. She has the characteristics of a cult leader. She enjoys a charismatic character and she believes that “the goal justifies the means.” Besides she has gathered a group of people under the cover name of “Iranian Muslim Students Society” and has controlled their minds. Among them she fusses about sexual inequality, she talks about real sexual delight of what the separated members accuse the MKO. The difference between this cult and the other cults and groups is that the MKO is very ambitious and thinks about controlling the entire Iran!?

When in 1980’s Maryam and Masud were expelled from France, they fed themselves with Saddam’s food. She believed in approaching their (Saddam’s and MKO’s) common enemy –Iran. Saddam also gave them an occasion to continue their aggressions. 

Where does Maryam stand after the fall of Saddam? Is she the Washington’s winning card? Is she lobbing one of the rooms of the white House among American congress men?

In her last message, she said:”my belief has approached the reality, the US is going to realize that the main solution to deal with Iran can be organized by an Iranian opposition.” On the other hand, a smoke can be seen from Israel Camp which shows that it plans to keep MKO alive in order to use them against Iran as a pressure axis. There is no need to look for Maryam – Saddam Hussein’s colleague. Bush has answered our question with the following phrase:” my country appreciates Iranian’s efforts for freedom”. In addition, he has allocated 3 million $ to support such groups.

Ansaf Lina Alhurani

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