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A Gift From Maryam Rajavi!

Maryam Rajavi took a list of 20000 fallen MKO members as a gift for Ms. Siv Jensen, member of Norway’s Progress Party.

It is the first time that the list, covering all MKO’s fallen members, including those who were killed during Iran-Iraq war, has been presented by the MKO and Maryam Rajavi; this means that the MKO has withdrawn its historical lies on the number of MKO’s fallen members.

So far, they offered unreal funny figures, claiming to have 120000 victims but they presented no documents. Today, due to several reasons, they have to release a list of the members who were killed while serving for Saddam (in his war on Iran) and Rajavi’s ambitions. What’s more shameful is that Maryam Rajavi considers this list as a document of honor for herself.

This sudden withdrawal from a historical claim and subtraction of 100000 (85%) from MKO’s casualties is an important issue that should be discussed in depth.

Irandidban     2006/11/12

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