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France’s double-dealing against terrorism

The gathering of Mojahedin Khalq terrorists and their advocates at Taverney, near Paris, on 26 June, just on the anniversary of one the group’s bloodiest terrorist operations inside Iran, has raised suspicions that the group has the support of the West who endorses its violent atrocities perpetrated against the Iranian people and the current regime. Criticizing the West double-dealing concerning the terrorist group, the daily RESALAT, in its editorial entitled “Paris paying tribute to terrorists”, says that the French government allowed Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) members to hold a political rally and a political meeting in a suburb of Paris on the anniversary of the 7th of Tir (June 28) incident, which was the most infamous terrorist act in the history of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

It continues that granting permission to MKO members to hold a rally and a meeting, which endorsed terrorism and the murder of former Judiciary chief Ayatollah Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti and 72 Iranian officials, once again showed that the French government is a pro-terrorist government. It also shows that the French government is aware of the atrocities committed by the MKO and endorses them. Former U.S. ambassador to the UN John Bolton attended the MKO meeting as an unofficial on representative of the U.S. government, which was the Zionists’ expression of solidarity with the MKO. The MKO members gathered in a suburb of Paris to remind the U.S. and Europe to tighten the sanctions on Iran and to discard respect for human rights and humanitarian considerations. It seems that the U.S. and Europe were in dire need of such a reminder from the MKO.

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