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Families of Terror Victims Ask EU to Drop Support for MKO

An Iran-based right group formed of the families of the Iranian victims of terrorism called on the European Parliament to run a close study over the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) to realize its terrorist nature and drop its support for the group.

In a letter to the Vice-President of the European Parliament and the President of the International Committee of In Search of Justice (ISJ) Alejo Vidal-Quadras, published in Edalat Society website on Sunday, the families of the victims of terrorism in Iran voiced their protest against the European parliament’s support for the MKO.
The full text of the letter is as follows:

Protest Letter of the Families of Terror Victims to the Vice President of the European Parliament

Receiving the news of your meeting with Maryam Rajavi in Paris and your support from Ashraf Camp residents, we, the members of Justice Supporters’ Association thought that it is necessary to inform you of some facts about the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization which has been announced as a terrorist cult by many international institutions and organizations.
We hope that this information could give you, the vice president of the European Parliament and the president of the International Committee in Search of Justice, a better understanding of the real nature of this organization

The organization which you voiced support for, is currently in the foreign terrorist organizations’ lists of many countries including United States of America. It has murdered more than 12000 Iranians and thousands of Iraqi civilians. Undoubtedly, you can feel the concerns of Iraqi families of the presence of this organization in Iraq’s soil.

The same organization which still holds the infamous stain of finding the corpses of Kuwaiti youths in its camps is claiming to be the defender of Human Rights; this is while Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization has perpetrated various crimes including kidnapping, high-jacking, armed robbery and attacks on civilians and military forces.
Based on the Human Rights Watch report of May 2005 and the report presented by National Defense Research Institute (RAND) in 2009, Mojahedin-e Khalq organization is a terrorist organization having a cultic nature. More than 70 percent of the members of this organization intend to leave the camp but they are not allowed to.

US Department of State has also referred to the terrorist operations and international crimes of this organization including arms transactions and the cooperation of MKO with Saddam regime for the suppression of Iraqi Shiites and Kurds in 1991, in its August 2010 FTO list report.

The leaders of this organization have even imprisoned their own members under the charge of criticizing the functions of the organization. They violate the basic human rights principles by not letting their members to get married, have babies or love their families. Meanwhile they speak up of defending freedom and human rights.

Other than separating children from their parents and transferring them to other countries for collecting money, most of the women in Ashraf Camp have gone under involuntary surgery and their wombs have been taken out. Another similar event happened in June 2003 in which a number of deceived MKO members immolated themselves in some European countries.

Dear Mr. Quadras, supporting such an organization is just standing against thousands of victims of this organization in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, US and some European countries. Taking side of this organization equals with supporting the ominous phenomenon of the third millennium. Can you guarantee that no one else would be victimized by this terrorist cult? We, the families of terror victims hope that you could understand the real nature of this organization and help the victims’ families in administering justice.

The members of this organization have committed murders after going through brainwashing techniques and turning to some robots. Therefore they are considered as victims and should be returned to their families. Although the leaders of the MKO should be tried for all the crimes they have done against humanity.

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