Ashraf residents cannot be safeguarded under the domination of Rajavi

Health and security of Ashraf residents cannot be safeguarded under the domination of Rajavi

Here and there we read and hear that such and such parliamentarian or human rights activist has demanded that the health and security of the residents of Ashraf Camp, the main base of the Rajavi cult in Iraq, be restored. It is very interesting to learn that some people are concerned about the fate of 3000+ innocent followers of Rajavi trapped in his cult. The aim behind the establishment of Sahar Family Foundation was to follow the best interests of the Ashraf inhabitants. The question is of course how these interests can be fulfilled in the best way.

What has happened in the past decade clearly shows that those Ashraf residents who managed to escape the cultic garrison and were freed from the domination of Rajavi, eventually had a far better fate and enjoyed better and more health and security. The facts demonstrate that those who remain there are confronted by all sorts of threats and dangers such as facing death as the result of suicide, self-immolation, unintended shootings, various accidents and misfortunes, being prevented from leaving Ashraf to go to Baghdad or abroad for medical treatment and so on.

During the last decade, several hundred people have escaped Ashraf Camp and were freed. Many of them voluntarily decided to go back to Iran with the help from the International Committee of the Red Cross and they returned to their families and got their lives back through this reconciliation. The ICRC is continuously monitoring their situation and they can state that no-one faced any harm. The parliamentarians and the activists who are concerned about the case of the Ashraf residents can check this out with the Red Cross easily. Even those who were sent from Iraq, with the help of Saddam’s army, to Iran to conduct terrorism and sabotage activities and were arrested before or after their operations had a better destiny. Many of them have since formed a family in Iran or freely moved to another country.

Those separated members who did not wish to go to Iran were located in the American Forces’ camps and after a long wait they accepted the risks (less than the risks they faced in Ashraf of course) and moved to Europe. Some stayed in Iraq and are still waiting to leave the country to get to a third country. Up to now no security threat has threatened their lives, except on one occasion some years ago when a man crossing the border river between Turkey and Iraq was drowned.

All former members can witness that since they left Ashraf Camp they are in a far better physical and psychological situation. Many of them managed to overcome their chronic illnesses and gain their health again after a while. Inside the Camp their illnesses were ignored and they were even accused of pretending to be ill. The hard labour inside the Camp that the members had to suffer as a means to make them stop thinking has had enormous effects on them and most inhabitants suffer severe physical and mental disorders. Some inside the camp say in secret that the rifle and sickle on the MKO’s emblem should be replaced by a shovel and sweeping brush.

More than one hundred individuals have lost their lives inside Ashraf during recent years in different ways. The MKO terrorist cult claimed that more than 50 people were killed due to the U.S. bombing of Iraq during the 2003 invasion of the country. Eye witnesses who have been able to escape from Ashraf Camp say that none of them were killed in that way and many of those named were killed long before or after the bombings. Some of these people were killed on the direct order of Massoud Rajavi the cult leader. Hundreds of statements have been filed with the Iraqi Judiciary in the MKO’s lawsuit in this regard.

Rajavi has never given an explanation to these murders. His cult has not announced the details of even one case of a member losing their life due to the bombings. The cult agents are in the habit of recording every single moment on camera to use for propaganda. Not even one photograph or film was released to show a dead body or a place devastated by the bombings.

Those who are really concerned about the situation of Camp Ashraf’s residents probably know that Rajavi has on many occasions threatened that if he reaches the end of the line he will order all his followers in Ashraf to commit mass suicide or self-immolation, the same way that happened at Waco and in Guyana.
After the cult prevented Ms. Elham Fardipour from going to hospital in Baghdad and after the murder of Mr. Ahmad Razani, the concern of the families at the gates of Camp Ashraf has about the health and security of their loved ones inside the camp has escalated. They are rightfully frightened about the fate of their children and relatives since Rajavi does not think about anything but his childish goals.

Rajavi’s claim about Ashraf’s blockade by the Iraqi forces is totally false and is cultic propaganda. The leaders of the cult frequently travel between Ashraf and Jordan and Paris. Trucks full of medicine, food, fuel, and other essentials keep going into Ashraf Camp escorted by UN officials and American tanks. Those inhabitants who are fully trusted by the cult go to Baghdad for many reasons. The truth is that the Ashraf blockade is imposed by the cult only and the American forces who wish to protect this terrorist base fully assist them in this.

Sahar Family Foundation calls on all humanitarian and international activists and organizations, particularly those who have expressed their concern about the situation of the residents and wish to do something about it, to come to the place or send delegations to gain first hand observation of the actual conditions there. SFF is happy ready for any kind of cooperation and for providing all sorts of documents in this respect.

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