The Third View on MKO during 2010

The Third View on MKO During 2010
No excuse can acquit MKO of violence and terrorism Palestinianthinkthank
Mojahedin Khalq used again to disseminate false information Iran Press Service
The West must cut its terror ties The Daily Star
Iran blames PMOI for Mousavi death UPI
Iraq FM: Mojahedin Khalq deportation based on Iraqi law BBC Monitoring middle East
MKO still deserves its terrorist listing Associated Press
Mojahedin Khalq lobby clutching at straws UK Parliament
US Congressional Research Service on PMOI CRS – Congressional Research Service
Blood of Iraqi Children at the Hands of MKO Terrorists Asharq Alawsat- Mohammed Javad Al-Doreki
Official Fatah Website drops all material related to MKO Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA
Iraqi pro-MKO MP cheats the cult Sot alIraq
DZI warns against PMOI money laundry DZI- German Central Institute for Social Issues
Feminist Terrorism: Not a Joke – By Welmer
Americans support Mojahedin Khalq Terrorists as well as Jondollah Russia today
PMOI denied families meetings with their captured children in Ashraf Al Motammar
The Psychotic World of The Rajavi Couple and Their Marxist-Islamic Cult
UK: It is in the interest of Ashraf residents to cooperate with Iraq UK Parliament
Secrets of the Tea Party Paul shedon Foote
UK: No evidence of intimidation or harassment in the Camp Ashraf UK Parliament
Official American version of events at Camp Ashraf US State Departement
Al Motamar reports the meeting between families of the victims of MKO and UNAMI Al-Mmutamar
Miserable condition of Mojahedin Khalq hostages in Camp Ashraf Asharq al-Awsat
Mojahedin Khalq and Iraq – bribery, intrigue and chaos D. Amir al-Khalidi, Almutamar Newspaper
The crisis of Camp Ashraf Asharq al-Awsat
Turkish Official Deplores MKO’s Crimes against Humanity Fars News Agency
Families of MEK Victims Want Same Visiting Rights as U.S. Detainee Families Human rights today
Families lobby for PMOI visitation rights UPI
UNAMI continues to monitor Camp Ashraf UNIraq
Iraqi media reports on appeal of families at Camp Ashraf Al Motammar
Iranian families demand Ambassador Hill helps them meet their detained children Iraq Beituna Agency
Al adala reports on appeal of families at Camp Ashraf Al adala
Sadrists: MKO and al-Qaeda responsible for Diyala insecurity Sadrist movement board of trustees
KRG officers: MKO slamming Iranian shelling is futile AK News
Iraq confirms its intention to remove the Mojahedin Khalq Al Sumaria News
US to close base near camp housing MKO exiles Associated Press
Mojahedin Khalq and contradictory positions! Al Motammar
Washington backed MKO members arrested before detonating bombs Reuters
UK government denies any contact with MKO terrorists IRNA
Camp Ashraf Families of Mojahedin Cult Offered Solidarity by Paris Conference CNBC
Families’ picket in front of Camp Ashraf continues Addustour
Who are the terrorists? Washington Times
Iranians in Iraq’s Diyala call for release of relatives held in MKO Camp Ashraf Al-Manar TV

Hundreds stage anti-France demo outside France Embassy AFP
Israel’s Iranian Opposition? By Kamran
Iraqi Official Reiterates MKO’s Terrorist Nature Fars News Agency
Iraqi TV stations report from Camp Ashraf Arabic Media
Iranian families ,after the vigil for more than four months.. Reporters network
Iraqi Criminal Court issues arrest warrant against Massoud and Maryam Rajavi Al Motammar
Interior Ministry announces receipt of arrest warrants for 38 leaders and members of MKO Alsumaria News
MKO hostile role in killing the opponents of former Iraqi regime Habilian Association
Iraqi court seeks arrest of MKO leaders for crimes against humanity Reuters
The Mujahedin-e Khalq: Who are they really? Word Press
MKO had a role in the assassination of Iraqi Judge Rianovosti News
Is the MEK a Terrorist Outfit? Mark Dankof
Mojahedin Khalq access to the Qandil Mountains Kurdish Aspect
Iraq and the American Pullout: Separate We Must Chatham House
Tom Tancredo’s Marriage to the Mojahedin Khalq Mark Dankof
State Department amused by MKO so called Revelations US State Department
MKO Terrorists from Iraq on the move Mathaba
Black Plague – Photos expose the MEK organized crime in Diyala Iraq Beituna Agency
Neoconservative Iran Policy Committee lobbies for terrorist MKO CASMII – by Ali Gharib
Israeli Lobby,American Neocons and Terrorist MKO Join forces to lobby USG to bomb Iran Christian Science Monitor – Scott Horton
Iraq evacuates Camp New Iraq (formerly Ashraf) UK Parliament
Baghdad will host the Black Plague Exhibition Sot alIraq
Canadian Lobbyist MPs defend their holiday trip to Paris paid by MKO terrorists The Canadian sentinel
Canadian MP’s hanging with MKO terrorists by Darcey Saturday –
US promotion and support for MKO terrorists backfires Ismael Hossein-zadeh – Middle East Online
Mossad and Mujahadeen e-Khalq, Partners in Assassination Campaign Richardsilverstein
A former prisoner at Camp Ashraf reveals human rights violations in Mojahedin Alsabah, Hadi Anbuge
Joe Lieberman , MEK Murder in Iran , and the Mythology of a Righteous Almighty America Mark Dankof
Did Giuliani And Co. Provide ‘Material Support’ To Mujahedin Terrorist Group? Matt Duss, Think Progress
German Central Institute for Social Issues on PMOI money laundry DZI- German Central Institute for Social Issues

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