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MKO challenges following protests in Arab world

The Iraqi Baath regime under the rule of Saddam Hussein and Jordan kingdom were both supporters of Mujahedin-e-Khalq cult for more than three decades. After the collapse of Saddam’s dictatorship, MKO cult lost its primary sponsor. Then Jordan monarchy tried to maintain its support for MKO either covertly or in diplomatic or political flattering language. The reason of such support lays in undemocratic and autocratic political structure of Jordan.

However, the contradictory fact which is not excusable about MKO is that the group’s leftist slogans and democratic gesture never suit its resorting to regimes like those of Jordan or Egypt. Doubtlessly, warm relations with the most notorious regimes of the region never go with freedom fighters’ mask.

According to Jordanian newspaper "Alarab Alyowm", Nariman alRusan, a member of Jordan parliament addressed Maryam Rajavi as, "Dear sister, President elect of Iranian Resistance, We declare our solidarity with your struggle and with anyone who sacrifices himself for his people…”
But, during the crucial recent protests in the Middle East including Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, Jordan authorities have realized that they have to accept the responsibility for their un-democratic behavior. For years, they tried to guard imperialists’ interests in the region; they supported terrorists like Mujahedin-e-Khalq who have served Western powers in recent years. Now they face the protest movement of their people. It is worth to remind MKO’s ideological leader, Massoud Rajavi of the true nature of his old sponsor, Jordan government:

Daily Telegraph writes of the recent protests in the region, "Leaders of a lot of Arab countries concern over the events in Egypt; previously they observed the fall of Zin El Abidin Ben Ali in Tunisia". The editor of Daily Telegraph added," a increasing concern is forming in the Middle East; Jordan is one of those countries. Jordan is now ruled by a very autocratic government which is largely corrupt."

A glance at popular movements in Arabic nations and the recent events signifies the depth of corruption and power abuse by the authorities and their undemocratic, inhumane substance.
Mujahedin are now losing their supporters who are demolished by people protests one after anther.

MKO leaders and his gang are in a terrible situation. They have resorted to US and the West but the recent events have caused a dilemma to western authorities. Their vague position toward the issue notifies their tangled situation. Needless to say that following the uprisings of Arabic nations, the west will definitely lose into hope to use terrorists.

By Arash Rezaiee

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