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Iraqis ask British MPs to take Mojahedin Khalq to London

Letter of the Committee Supporting the Picketing Families to UK parliamentarians

The Iraqi Committee supporting the Iranian families picketing outside Camp Ashraf wrote a letter to the UK parliamentarians who have apparently backed the MKO (Rajavi cult) to stay in Iraq without knowing the truth.

A copy of the letter – which follows below – has been sent to the Iraqi government and international bodies.

We as a support committee, in respect of our humanitarian duty, asked the MKO to allow the picketing Iranian families to visit their loved ones in Camp New Iraq (aka Camp Ashraf). This request has been made as a humanitarian plea.

These families, who are mostly elderly people, have been staying in poor conditions for more than ten months. The MKO’s refusal to allow these visits is against any international values and principals and also against the UN charter of human rights. No religion accepts this either.

When some civil organizations and tribe leaders gathered outside Camp Ashraf to demonstrate, members of the cult threw stones at the participants and consequently some were injured. Further, the cult leaders accused them of being mercenaries.

Witnessing such an immoral act, which goes against every human value, convinced us to be more persistent in supporting the just and rightful demand of the families, and to arrange for more demonstrations.

Honorable MPs,
We have to inform you that the presence of this organization in our territory is highly undesirable since this organization has committed grave atrocities against the Iraqi people.
After this latest wicked act by the MKO, the civil organizations and tribe leaders demanded that the Iraqi government, parliament and also the Iraqi Criminal Court should prosecute the leaders of the organization for the crimes they committed against the Iraqi people in the past.

There are several documents showing that members of the MKO have been involved in terrorist activities inside Iraq. As a support committee we have handed over these documents to international organizations and the UN and we hereby inform world public opinion of the secrets behind the presence of this organization in our country.

The question is, ‘would the countries which back this organization wish to allow them to stay in their own country as refugees’?

The answer would be that every country as a sovereign state has its own rules and regulations. So, yes, we also have rules and regulations which do not allow them to stay in our country. Anyone willing to back them should welcome them in their own country.

We seek peace and we will not tolerate a terrorist organization in our beloved country.

On behalf of the Iraqi committee to support the Iranian families picketing outside Camp Ashraf

Sami Azzeidi – Baghdad, 30 January 2011

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