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Nejat Society,Tehran families in front of Ashraf

The families of residents held in camp Ashraf, Iraq, left Tehran to join the others picketing at the Camp gates. Facing the gloomy atmosphere of the camp they are determined to bring hope, loveNejat Society,Tehran families in front of Ashraf and emotions back to humiliated hearts of their loved ones held as hostages by the Cult of Rajavi. The Beheshtis have lost one of their sons, Morteza in the MKO. They urge to visit their other beloved son Mostafa who is kept in the Camp but the Cult leaders who consider themselves as the owners of the members’ lives, haven’t allowed Mostafa to visit his family and they have imposed sever psychological pressure on him.

The parents of Mr. Jaberifard who have come to Camp Ashraf for several times, say,”we just want to see our son Musa. Which law bars us from meeting our son?”

Mohammad Ali Maleki’s sister could manage to come to Ashraf after years. “Mohamamd Ali, don’t forget us! We have never forgotten you,” she says.

Families picketing at Ashraf gates are all hopeful to defeat the terrorist cult of Rajavi someday.

They are staunchly firm in their decision until they can witness the release of their children from Ashraf prison.

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