Pictorial- MKO defectors prayed for their torturer forgiveness

The grave of Nader Rafi’ee Nejad. Nader Rafi’ee Nejad acted as a torturer for the Mojahedin-e Khalq leader Massoud Rajavi. Two of the victims who have been directly tortured by Nader Rafi’ee Nejad are Mohammad Hussein Sobhani and Ali Ghashghavi. In the picture above, they are standing beside the grave of their former torturer. Both men were sent to Abu Ghraib political prison by Massoud Rajavi after extensive imprisonment, isolation and torture inside the MEK’s own prisons failed to force them to submit to Rajavi. Rafi’ee Nejad frequently visited them even when they were in Abu Ghraib.

They were released during the fall of Saddam in 2003.

Remembering the brutality of Rajavi’s torturers and prisons, both victims of Rajavi and Saddam prayed for forgiveness for their torturer.
MKO defectors prayed for their torturer forgiveness


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