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Another MKO plot to intimidate critics fails

The failure of MKO plot on November 3, 2005, in Amsterdam

On Thursday, November 3, Ms. Judith Neurink, Dutch journalist, held a press conference in Amsterdam to introduce her new book ‘Misled Martyrs’ which concerns the MKO terrorist activities.

Ms. Neurink had invited the people she wanted by e-mail and had reserved some places for other guests; she had announced that those who want to take part in the conference should give their names and addresses ahead of the event and that their ID cards would be checked so that unauthorized people wouldn’t be allowed to get in.

The Mojahedin thought that they could disrupt the conference by registering too many names and leaving no room for others but since they didn’t want their terrorist IDs and addresses to be revealed they had booked seats with forged names and this was how controllers banned them from entering the place.

Around 20 terrorism supporters (the MKO has no more supporters in Netherlands) who couldn’t get into the hall to disrupt the event stayed behind the doors for more than two hours with contempt and started insulting the participant as they were leaving the place, which reflects high levels of culture of Rajavi. The police, of course, did not ignore this [intimidation].

The MKO considers this (staying the street for more than 2 hours) a ‘victory’. Another victory is that they couldn’t disrupt the program, and the other is that the violent terrorist nature of the MKO was revealed for the Dutch participants. It is also a victory that the accuracy of Ms. Neurink’s book was proved immediately. These, are all the MKO’s victories!

Now the question is: “why does the Mojahedin always give false names and addresses?” Why do they hide behind false identities?

Doesn’t this add to the proof that they’re terrorists? If an organization is not a notorious terrorist group, why should its members hide their identities?

Members of other political groups are proud of their ideology, but the MKO members don’t want to come to the scene with their real IDs. Why do they want to move forward with fake clubs and associations?

The message of this failure for unaware members of the terrorist cult is that you should not let the cult use you as tools. If you want to fight the regime, you should join a group whose membership gives you pride and not shame.

Someday, you’ll certainly join this group’s opponents and then, you’ll be ashamed of the time when you were full of hatred and enmity.

Hadi Shams Haeri    November 10, 2005

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