Appeasement in the MeK dictionary

"Appeasement" for the remnants of Rajavi is as a comprehensive dictionary to explain all problems, for example:

Appeasement is a term that Rajavi applies it to explain organizational inabilities of the MeK.

Appeasement is applied by Rajavi to justify her unreal analysis and delusive predictions.

Appeasement is also introduced cause of the failure in terrorist strategy and radicalism against Iran.

Appeasement in discourse of Rajavi’s gang has many of these functions and its domain gets wider and wider; as far as, even, Rajavi’s refusal of Iraqi laws and UN commands and her violation of multilateral agreements recently are being justified as effects of America’s appeasement with Iran.

For a decade the MeK was accusing Europe for appeasing with Iran and not following the America’s policy, but now it is the US which is bellwether of appeasers!

Europe was being accused by the MeK leadership for appeasing with Iran, because it had placed her terrorist organization in the terrorist list, with the argument that Europe cannot lay away appeasement since it is willing to economic relationship with Iran.

In fact, any policy or action that does not agree with the logic of Rajavi is considered an appeasing behavior and, from this perspective, one can say that "appeasement" for the Rajavi’s gang is just a childish excuse to escape from responsibility.

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