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MEK Terrorists Coordinate Attack on Iran’s Embassy

On Nov. 28, three days after the Schiller Institute conference in Germany, which included a speech by Iran’s Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Ali Reza Sheikh Attar, a team of 30 executed a violent break-in of the Iranian Embassy compound in Berlin. The well-prepared group first blocked off the street, before using ladders and wirecutters to scale the barbed-wire-topped fence. According to the Iranian Embassy and government officials in Tehran, the attack was coordinated by the Mujahideen e-Khalq (MEK), or People’s Mujahideen, and included individuals who had been at the MEK military base in Iraq that had been shut down.

Ambassador Sheikh Attar said that his embassy had warned the responsible Berlin police unit three times that morning on Nov. 28, that an attack was being planned. No additional preventive police measures were undertaken, and arrests only followed after the police had arrived 10 minutes later, and caught 10 people in the nearby Free University to which they fled. No embassy personnel were injured, as the attackers did not succeed in entering the building itself. Until now, there has been no evidence that the attackers had weapons. The media are calling the attackers "refugees" protesting human rights conditions in Iran, with no mention of the MEK.

In February this year, 24 attackers stormed the Syrian Embassy in Berlin.

The Nov. 28 attack was similar to an attack/occupation of the Iraqi Embassy in Berlin in August 2002, a part of the early Tony Blair machinations leading to the 2003 military invasion of Iraq. Any sabotage of competent police reaction must be seen in ..PAGE light of who internationally coordinates the terror activities of the MEK, an organization which openly solicits contributions within Germany, but under a different name. The U.S. government removed the MEK from the official list of terrorist organizations in September.

Any move by MEK cadre from Iraq to Germany would have been closely monitored by German security agencies, even if there was no complicity. The Berlin attack must be seen as part of the ongoing strategic confrontation with Russia and China, which is playing out around planned military actions against Syria and Iran.

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