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Control Your Gaze! What is going on inside Camp Liberty

After international pressure was brought to bear on the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) cult in Iraq by the governments of Iraq and the US, the organization was eventually persuaded to move from Ashraf Garrison to Camp Liberty in return for its removal from the US list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTO). According to Rajavi this move was a tactical setback from which to prepare the group for further advances.
In recent years Rajavi’s major strategy, as the totalitarian leader of the MKO cult, has been to have the MKO name removed from the American FTO list, and the members and supporters were constantly promised that ‘once this “obstacle” is removed, the Iranian regime will immediately be toppled’. The cult leader Massoud Rajavi, who prefers to remain in hiding in order not to be required to answer any questions, must now be confronted with this logical query: ‘now that the obstacle has been removed, when will the Islamic Republic collapse?’
Now that Rajavi’s followers have been re-located to Camp Liberty, the cult is pursuing the line of ‘returning to Ashraf Garrison’; although in Camp Liberty the same cultic relationship is being imposed and Rajavi’s captives are under the same severe mind control regime as before. In an audio communiqué delivered to the inhabitants of Camp Liberty on December 5, 2012, Massoud Rajavi announced that he is now more proud than ever about his past terrorist activities.
The MKO leadership in Liberty has instructed the members to show the conditions of Liberty being as difficult and inhumane as possible to use in a propaganda campaign to force the authorities to allow them to go back to Ashraf. They have even been advised that ‘if some die in this campaign it is for a worthy cause’.
For instance they obstruct the water outlets in order to flood the ground with waste and then send the films and pictures around the world and blame the UN and the Iraqi government for it. They also prevent the sick from receiving medical care and even let them die just for propaganda purposes. Rajavi even uses the dead to achieve his ruthless goals.
The cult leadership has also instructed those in charge to keep the members as busy as possible in order to prevent them from thinking about the deadlock they are trapped in. This is a routine cultic practice, to occupy and exhaust the followers in so many useless tasks that they have no time to think about anything.
A prime example of the imposition of this micro-control regime is that the male members have been told to count the number of times they have managed to ‘control their gaze’ and the number of times they failed to do so and therefore let their eyes see what they should not.
The fact that Liberty is much smaller than Ashraf means that gender apartheid cannot be imposed in the same way as before so it is much more likely that the male members see the female members. In such a case the male member must immediately ‘control their gaze’ (close their eyes and stop looking) since it is a terrible sin to look at Massoud Rajavi’s wives and sully their chastity (this is the way all female members of the organization are generally described inside the organization). Each male member is told to count during the week how many times he managed to control his gaze and stop looking at a female member and how many times he did not manage to do so and then write a report about it in detail and discuss the reasons. These reports must be read out by individuals in weekly sessions and then they will be insulted and humiliated for acting indecently toward Rajavi’s wives.
Imagine the how excruciating is for a person to live for a whole week just complying with such an outrageous demand. He must be constantly vigilant as to whether he might spot a female member, and then make a note whether he controlled his gaze or not, and then, at the end of the week, he must write a report about it.
The MKO led by Massoud Rajavi is a perfect example of a destructive mind control cult which must be dealt with by cult psychiatrists and cult experts. For anyone conducting research into destructive cults, this one certainly provides an excellent illustration.

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