MEK desperate to keep its members in Iraq

This week it has been revealed that Massoud Rajavi released an audio message during the month of Ramezan addressing his 3000+ followers.

Rajavi tells them ‘anyone who wants to leave can go to Hell, as I have no use for you. If I have one thousand loyal devotees I can do anything’.This week it has been revealed that Massoud Rajavi

 According to this proclamation, ‘the MEK will not pay a penny for anyone if they choose to leave Iraq’, (even though they worked for tens of years for him for nothing).

This speech comes in the context that Rajavi has made it almost impossible to get out of the camp and also that the MEK has shown itself desperate to hold on to the 100+ residents who the UN have already transferred to Albania.

The MEK have sent commanders from Iraq and Paris to offer them material help and other forms of support in order to keep control of them. It is clear from the reports of the refugees that the MEK is trying to recreate Camp Ashraf/Liberty in Albania.

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