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The MEK’s worse days coming soon

Over a decade after the fall of Iraqi dictator, the step father of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization and its main military, financial sponsor, the group is passing difficult days. It is widely detested by Iraqi nation and government who consider it the active arm of their former oppressor.
blankThe MKO’s alleged “home of 26 years”, Camp Ashraf was finally evacuated following the recent deadly, suspicious clashes in the camp where 52 high ranking member of the group were killed. The survivors of the incident were relocated in the Temporary Transit Location Camp Liberty near Baghdad airport together with other members of the group. However, the group leaders were seriously insisting on return to Ashraf until the last attack.
Residents of the Camp Liberty are gradually –but reluctantly—transferred to European countries such as Albania and Germany. The dark background of the MKO in committing terror acts and its cult-like practices makes it hard for western states to simply accept some 3000 brainwashed zealots who may endanger their citizens. The most recent reaction to the resettlement of a number of MKO members in Koln, Germany was published in the city’s newspaper Kolner Stadt –Anzeiger. The United Nation representatives and German government agreed to transfer 97 resident of Camp Liberty. German government has ordered the city officials to receive 77 people of the refugees, according to the report. The German newspaper adds that the city officials including Mr. Guido Kahlen the director of city council seriously protested the decision. They consider the presence of those people with records of military, terrorist and cult-like activities as a risk to security of Koln citizens.
The other side of the equations over the MKO crisis is the Iraqi government that has so far shown enough tolerance to allow a foreign terrorist force to occupy a piece of its territory and to use its public utilities. The government is still offering services to the accomplice of the collapsed dictator! The undersecretary of US State Department for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman noted that the Iraqi government has provided 50,000 sand bags and physical barriers to protect the dissidents, now relocated to Camp Liberty in Baghdad. The group advocates in the US Congress who mostly belong to warmonger parties think  Iraqi’s efforts are not efficient and threatened  Iraq that it could face a sharp cut in aid if it continues to fail to protect the MKO forces.
Nonetheless, Sherman expressed concern but also noted that the MEK’s leadership in Paris was obstructing the process to resettle MEK members. This is not the first time that western authorities mention the MKO leaders’ resistance against leaving Iraq. Why such a reluctance? Because as what National Iranian American Council (NIAC) puts, “A key demand of the MEK’s leadership is that the group’s members be allowed to relocate together as a single unit, rather than to be relocated individually to different countries.”
This not only a key demand of the MKO leadership but also a vital element for the survival of their cult of personality. Once the MKO forces are relocated in different part of the world the cult hierarchy and manipulative control over members disappear. No mind control system – self criticism sessions, indoctrination meetings, peer pressure—no hegemony over the cult. This is what Maryam Rajavi and her disappeared husband Massoud fear the most.
Bad news for them: about 70 individuals among those who were relocated in Albania defected the group immediately after they were released from the mental bars of the cult of Rajavi. They announced their defection and were settled in a separate apartment although they are still irritated by their ex-comrades who try to recruit them again using their deceitful methods.
Definitely these days are not the worst days for the Rajavis. They deserve much worse days. They must see the gradual death of their dream that was built on the ruins of the lives of thousands of innocents killed by them physically or mentally.

Mazda Parsi

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