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What’s Coming for the MKO?

Norwegian foreign ministry, which reflects the policies of the government, announced that in regards with Maryam Rajavi’s visit to Norway the parliament has neither conferred with ambassadors nor with the government.

The foreign ministry announced this to show that this visit is unimportant and that the Norwegian government doesn’t support it.

The head of Foreign Affairs Committee that the MKO claims a member of which (Morten Hoglund) has invited Maryam Rajavi to visit Norway declared that "Rajavi’s visit doesn’t mean that the Parliament supports the group, but the parliament only want to listen to her."

The amazing point, however, in Rajavi’s visit to Norway is that the MKO has declared the names of racist anti-Iranian and anti-refugees groups (under the influence of Zionists) as the sponsors of this visit; one should say that the MKO and these groups have found each other in a proper way!

But the main issue (as it was clear in Rajavi’s visit to Belgium) is that Europeans want to take advantage of the MKO to put pressure on Iran. These visits will have no benefits for the group.

This fact was expressed two years ago by the British ambassador to Tehran that Europeans now consider the MKO as a card in game with Iran.

This time, Deputy Norwegian Foreign Minister said the cold relations between Iran and Europe is the reason for the visit. "There’s no warm and friendly relationship between Iran and us that Iranian ambassador warns about its future! We only have serious ties in the level of embassies."

All Europeans’ efforts in the past few weeks have been aimed at getting advantages in Iran’s nuclear case, but it’s clear that they won’t succeed. In this way, they wouldn’t be able to press Iran and get points since Iran believes that such moves worsen the ties with Europe and this is exactly what Europeans doesn’t like. So, the issue will go to the point where nuclear issue is settles and after that Europeans will correct their behavior.

On the other hand it should be noted that, despite temporary happiness of the MKO (that consider this a victory), the group will have to struggle with its historical isolation because these visits do not benefit it.

Irandidban     2006/11/07

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