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Swede MP Comments on MKO

"I assure you that supporting the MKO is not the policy of the EU. This group is an unimportant movement who come to the halls of European parliaments like many other similar groups and this doesn’t mean that Europe is supporting them", said the envoy of Swedish Parliament to Iran, Goran Lindblad, in an interview with the Secretary General of Habilian Association.

According to the website of Habilian, Hasheminejad presented a report on the case of terrorism in Iran and meanwhile criticized some European MPs for what he called "supporting the leaders of MKO". "They support this terrorist group but they should take a look at official reports on the group by the US and their own governments", he said.

Stressing that the terrorist MKO has claimed responsibility for killing people- whose names have been published by Habilian, Secretary General of Habilian Association criticized Norwegian and Belgian MPs for receiving Maryam Rajavi and said: "These meetings were held with the purpose of effecting Iran’s nuclear case but what we expect from Europeans is to quit political views when dealing with the issue of terrorism".

Mr. Goran Lindblad expressed sympathy with the families of terrorism victims in Iran and said:

"I have earlier heard the words of MKO members. They are a mixture of Islam and Marxism. There was also a letter in the favor of the group which I didn’t sign because of their terrorist records. I assure you that supporting this group is not the policy of the EU."

"I am aware that there were mistakes during Maryam Rajavi’s visit to Belgium and Norway, although they were not important. These people are conducting futile efforts. European Union is fully aware of the group’s activities. We have our own evaluation system and the group’s activities have no influence on our decisions. Our views come from experts," he added.

Quds Newspaper – 2006/11/27

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