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Letter from Samad Eskandari to the Swedish Ambassador to Iran

Samad Eskandari, former member of the MEK

Mr. Samad Eskandari, on behalf of the plaintiffs against the leaders of the MEK in Iran, sent a letter to the Swedish Ambassador in Tehran.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Honorable Ambassador of Sweden in Tehran

Greetings and Regards,
Sweden is known around the world for its calm, quiet, shy, outspoken and law-abiding people. In Scandinavian culture and tradition, there are two concepts, La Gomo and Law of Jante (Janteloven). In Swedish culture, there is no public discussion or expression of anger. You seldom hear a Swede shout at someone on the street. The loudest sound you hear from a Swede in public is when he is still a baby. In Swedish culture and tradition, avoiding conflict and compromise is considered a positive and intelligent behavior. Swedes speak quietly and often prefer to be good listeners. Seeking rights and paying attention to human rights issues is a good and humane act that is naturally considered by the people of the world.

Now let me introduce myself after this prologue. I am Samad Eskandari from Zanjan province in Iran. Unfortunately, I spent 20 of the best years of my life in the detention camps of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO) in Iraq, led by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, in deplorable conditions.

Unfortunately, your country’s judicial system is now, at the request of this organization, dealing with the issue of human rights violations against a person identified as Hamid Nouri for a crime against humanity. First of all, I said that the investigation of crimes against humanity is a good and God-pleasing thing, provided that justice is properly and fully established and observed.

I need to explain that I decided to send a letter to Your Excellency just for a human desire, regardless of any political or ideological affiliation, and for justice. The MEK and its repressive agents, who in the current situation have filed lawsuits in the court of your country as plaintiffs and witnesses and claim human rights violations and crimes against humanity, directly and personally participated in murder, torture, imprisonment, humiliation, genocide, the Inquisition is involved, including in my case, and their hands are covered in the blood of many dissatisfied members of the MEK, including Ghorban-Ali Torabi, Parviz Ahmadi, Nasser Mohammadi, Alan Mohammadi, Yaser Akbari-Nasab, Marjan Akbarian, Homa Bashardoost, Marzieh Ali-Ahmadi, Minoo Fath-Ali, Masoumeh Gheibipour, Nasrin Ahmadi, Kamran Bayati, Farhad Tahmasebi, Ahmad Rezapour, Farman Shafa-Bin, Ahmad Razani, Shamsollah Golmohammadi, Zahra Feizbakhsh, Mehri Mousavi, Khodam Golmohammadi, Kamal Mousavi, Davood Ahmadi, Hojjat Azizi, Hamzeh Heydari, Elias Karami, Jafar Kohzad Manesh, Jalil Bozorgmehr, Karim Pedram, Mohammad-Reza Baba-Khanlou, etc. Heads of MEK are tainted and are in fact criminals who today are trying to deceive the judicial minds of your country to cover up their crimes.

I am honored to be the legal representative of more than 250 former members of this organization, all of whom managed to escape, for genocide and crimes against humanity against the leaders of this organization and the key elements who were responsible for these crimes. 39 pages of the sentence issued against the MEK By the nature of what I have described, they have been sentenced to pay compensation through Branch 55 of the Tehran International Court, and the sentence has been finalized.

Addressing the human rights issues of your country’s judicial system, as the representative of the plaintiffs against the leaders of the MEK, drew my attention to two important issues:

1- The leaders of the MEK along with a large number of repressive elements of this group committed crimes against humanity, and according to the final verdict of the International Court of Tehran, the esteemed judicial officials and the Prime Minister of your country should arrange a court for me and all plaintiffs so that our lawsuit can be heard in the presence of the litigants, taking into account the verdict that was approved.
2- According to the judicial laws governing the territory of countries, such as the plaintiffs and witnesses of the current case in your country, who committed a crime against humanity and are responsible for it, cannot enter into this matter in the form of a plaintiff or witness, or file a lawsuit.

Your Excellency
The leaders of the MEK have committed many crimes against members of their group, which are abundantly witnessed in European countries. As the legal representative of the plaintiffs in Iran, I request Your Excellency to accept the documents and verdicts issued and a number of witnesses and plaintiffs in the case against the MEK, and to submit our arguments and verdicts to the esteemed Prime Minister and judicial officials of your country.
Please do not let the rich and beautiful culture of your good country, which is spoken in general and special, under the pressure and lobbying of the MEK, a bitter memory in the minds of the people of the world and the people of Iran, especially us rescued members of the MEK.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at your first convenient time.
Peace be upon humanity and peace be upon justice

Sincerely yours,
Samad Eskandari
Representative of the plaintiffs against the leaders of the MEK

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