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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 24

++ Nejat Society wrote in response to Massoud Rajavi’s narrated message in which he implies that the victims of Camp Ashraf were all there to get killed for him and that they died saving his life. Nejat points out that if this is true it is truly shocking because Rajavi had deceptively kept them there under the pretext they were to sell the MEK’s remaining possessions. This shows, says Nejat that in order to save his skin, Rajavi is willing to kill every one of his followers.

++ Faleh Fayaz, Iraq’s National Security Advisor, met with the ambassadors of various countries in Baghdad. In the meeting he announced that the Mojahedin Khalq has until the end of the year to leave the country. He advised that any embassy which thinks it has any relation with the MEK should take them out as soon as they can.

++ In Tirana those who have deserted the MEK have started talking. One individual wrote a letter explaining how the MEK are putting pressure on them. He asks ‘where are the human rights organisations that he and his friends believed would be concerned over their plight’. He describes the MEK’s threats, one of which is that if they take money from the UN refugee organisation and register as refugees then the MEK will treat them as agents of the Iranian regime in which case they can do what they like with them – [in MEK jargon being an agent of the Iranian regime carries a de facto death sentence under made-up MEK law]. The dissidents in Tirana are now desperate. The MEK promised them money so they wouldn’t go to the UN, but this has been withheld and now they fear for their lives if they do take UN money. They are asking for help from anyone, anywhere.

++ Edaalat Association translated into Farsi an article by journalist Daniel Solis from the Czech Republic which exposes an MP, Daniel Herman, who has been taking money to work as a lobbyist for the MEK. He is now under judicial scrutiny and there have been a variety of critical radio reports and newspaper articles alleging that he has been bought by a terrorist organisation.

++ Mohammad Al-Seyhood from Nouri Al-Maliki’s coalition party speaking with Al Madi press on behalf of the coalition says that Iraq is neither a servant nor a colony of America and if Washington is worried about the mercenaries – MEK – they should take them out as soon as they can rather than interfere in the internal affairs of our country. He was speaking in response to those in America who are demanding a ‘sharp cut in US aid to Iraq’ over the alleged missing seven MEK from Camp Ashraf.

++ There were many articles in Farsi about what is behind the MEK’s so-called hunger strike. Some treat it as a joke as the strikers have not given up dying their hair and trimming their moustaches over the past six weeks. Others are concerned that Rajavi will start killing them one way or another to have something for the papers to write about. Some write, including Mohammad Razaghi, that we never see the MEK leaders burn themselves or go on hunger strike. Some articles refer to MEK propaganda outlets in Farsi pointing out that more than half is devoted Syria and support for terrorist organisations. One of these terrorists got killed last week – the contact with the MEK from the Free Syrian Army.

++ Yaran Association has published an open letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon specifying that we have information from people inside Camp Liberty that Rajavi has ordered that food be actually withheld. This means that many of those on hunger strike are not doing so willingly, they have no choice as their food has been removed. Contrary to every human right the MEK are deliberately starving people to death. The letter demands intervention to save these people.

++ The MEK claimed today that it had discovered something about Iran’s nuclear programme. The claim was not repeated by media outlets except a very few which took it with a pinch of salt and ridiculed them.

++ Sahar Family Foundation in Baghdad published an article which highlights the news that residents of Camp Liberty are being forced to be on hunger strike because they are given no food. Although this is supposed to be related to the seven missing MEK, the reality is that the overwhelming number of people in Liberty and among the MEK’s west based Iranian supporters blame Massoud Rajavi for the killings in Camp Ashraf. They are all asking’ why didn’t we leave before this happened because Rajavi in his statement said he was expecting this’. They point to the contradiction that if people have been detained and tortured by the MEK’s enemies then what good is a hunger strike to put pressure on such people to release the seven. In addition, news has reached Camp Liberty that well over half of those transferred to Albania have rejected Rajavi and become ex-members. They are also aware that the surviving 42 transferred from Camp Ashraf are still being held incommunicado and have no contact with the other residents of Liberty. After weeks the MEK leaders are still working on them and they are still not able to have contact with anyone. Rajavi is still claiming that whoever in the world condemns the killings and kidnappings of Camp Ashraf, this proves they support Rajavi so their blood has not gone to waste. But for the old, sick and injured on hunger strike none of this means anything as they are being deliberately denied food. Apparently Rajavi thinks this is a good idea; he can get rid of them and claim their blood for himself. Sahar concludes that if no intervention is forthcoming from the international community, then disaster is imminent.

++ In English and Farsi there have been many articles exposing the MEK’s disreputable role in attempts to disrupt any US-Iran negotiations and rapprochement.

++ In the UK, in response to a parliamentary question from the Bishop of Coventry; “To ask Her Majesty’s Government what response they have received from the government of Iraq to their representation requesting an investigation into the violence at Camp Ashraf on 1 September.” Government spokesperson Baroness Warsi (Conservative) replied, “The Government of Iraq has told our Embassy in Baghdad that a committee will conduct a full and open investigation into the attack on Camp Ashraf on 1 September, and that its findings will be made public.”

Iran Interlink, October 11 2013

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