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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 32

++ Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad and Ghafour Fatahian from Iran Pen Association (Paris office) have written an open letter to their MEP, asking them to use their influence (since the MEK is given an open hand in the European Parliament to lobby against the government of Iraq in favour of the Saddamists, etc) to convince the Rajavis to stop the forced hunger strike imposed on the hostages in Camp Liberty. Interestingly, a couple of days later the MEK announced that Maryam Rajavi has asked the hunger strikers to stop but they have refused. This prompted a series of criticism again the leadership of the cult since everyone knows that this could not be true and this ongoing saga is only imposed by the Rajavis themselves. Many have pointed out two main reasons for the violence, abduction and forced hunger strikes ordered by Rajavi. One is to destroy as many witnesses as possible before they can leave and start talking, and two is to get paid by the remains of the Saddam regime and others, who want to discredit the Iraqi government (Saudi Arabia, Israel …)

Ali Jahani from Germany has also published a similar open letter to his MEP reminding them that having the MEK leaders and other Saddamists in their building and enjoying close relationships with MEPs places the responsibility of the forced hunger strike victims on their hands and it is not that people cannot see them and what they are condoning.

++ Edaalat Association (families of the victims of terrorism) in Iran has published an article on its website titled “From self-immolation in Paris to hunger strikes in Baghdad”. It goes into details about organised self-harm (when they are not able to harm others) which is done to save the skin of the leaders. It points to the fact that none of these acts can be voluntary or spontaneous and it is the MEK leaders and their western supporters who, on top of their responsibility for the terrorist acts carried out in the past 30 years, are responsible for these acts of violence and destruction against their own members.

++ Awaa Association in Germany, which published a list of names and addresses of many pseudo associations of the MEK in Germany, has now exposed a private meeting in which Massoud Rajavi himself from his hiding place puts the ex members, survivors and the critics of the cult at the heart of the cult’s ongoing problems and has ordered the members (and the lobbyists through their handlers inside the organisation) to put all their other work aside and to start working towards stopping survivors from exposing the crimes of the cult leaders. Awaa Association also explained that what Rajavi means when he says, “We will build a thousand Camp Ashrafs again”, is what he has ordered and it means they will be making one thousand pseudo associations in the EU and US, of which a couple of hundreds have already started working with their main aim to terrorise critics and survivors in a bid to stop their revelations.

++ Karim Gholami and Mehrdad Sagharchi were the guests of Mardom TV this week. They are among the recent arrivals in the west who are now living in Germany.

++ Many have written about Rajavi and the MEK’s claim that the Iraqi government has abducted some 7 missing members from Camp Ashraf and has given them to Iran. Both Iran and Iraq have rejected the accusation and even the US has been telling the MEK lobby in the House that this is not true.

The argument is that:

1- If true, why would the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (who you claim is responsible and that they deny) give in if you go on hunger strike? You are saying that they have clandestinely attacked your camp and have killed 52 of your members!

2- Why don’t you give your evidence to a responsible UN or other body to investigate? Why is it that after all this time you are not allowing even one of the witnesses of the incident to be interviewed by any investigative body?

++ Hadi Afshar (Saeed Jamali) published the 13th part of his articles (mostly his memories) this week on Pejvak Iran Website. The title is “Camp TIPF, a view from inside”. Hadi Afshar is currently one of the most attacked people by the MEK as he is the latest high ranking members who is directly pointing at Massoud and Maryam Rajavi the cult leaders for their responsibilities in all the crimes carried out by the MEK.

++ Some commentators have pointed out the fact that none of the western countries which give an open hand to the terrorist leaders are willing to give sanctuary to even a handful of the members. They point out that this fact by itself amounts to criminal activity as it is proven that many MEK hostages do not wish to be “western backed terrorists” and are forced to do so by the “western backed cult leaders”.

++ Iraj Mesdaghi has published a new article on Pejvak Iran website. The story is that some prisoners in an Iranian jail had gone on hunger strike and the most likely scenario is that they have been protesting against the death penalty. The news emerged in some media outlets and a day later Maryam Rajavi and her so-called National Council of Resistance issued a statement to the effect that “two thousand” prisoners have gone on hunger strike and, more than that, “they have been inspired by the hunger strike of the people in the Iraqi camp of the MEK”. Iraj Mesdaghi has gone into the news in detail and shown how irrelevant the prisoners’ action has been to the MEK, and how desperate Rajavi is to try to show that their so-called hunger strike (i.e. forced denial of food to the hostages) has something to do with Iran, Iraq, or any other reality.

++ Mohammad Razaghi from Paris has also written about this issue and has reminded us of many facts whereby the MEK have been recruiting criminals who have been wanted men, whether in Iran or in the EU/America and have evaded justice by running away to Iraq under the protection of Saddam/Rajavi. He goes on to say that the criminals should know that they have a backer who is herself backed by Mossad and other anti-Iran forces, and they will be using their services if and when they are out of prison.

++ Many articles have been written this week about Maryam Rajavi and how she is following Netanyahu’s line of action day by day. They remind us that when Netanyahu was hoping for the derailment of the negotiations in Geneva and also his hopes for failure afterwards, she was doing the same, including the ridiculous “discovery, yet again, of another nuclear site” the day before the meetings. Now that Netanyahu wants to demonstrate somehow that Iran is not keeping her side of the agreement, Rajavi is following the same line and is trying to prove that.

++ Shaya Al Soudani the Human Rights Minister of Iraq announced that the claim by the MEK that Iraq has abducted 7 of its members is nothing more than a sick propaganda stunt by the cult. He said the so-called hunger strike has been staged due to the exposure of this propaganda and is an attempt at damage limitation of their credibility with their own benefactors.

++ Afaf Abdolrazagh MP from Al Iraqia coalition in the Iraqi parliament announced this week that what the MEK are broadcasting under her name is nothing more than lies and that she has never supported this organisation, its leaders nor its actions, and has always asked for their removal from the country. The MEK, as usual, has ignored this and has not given any explanation about what they have been feeding through their media channels in the west.

++ According to Iraqi officials the number of deaths in Camp Ashraf was 53 and not 52. The last person took time to identify because the body had been so badly burned. Mohammad Karami from Paris asks through his website why it is that the MEK have not been cooperative enough to even announce the name of their own dead member? Not allowing the witnesses in Camp Ashraf to be interviewed by the investigators had been exposed before so that everyone understands that there is some truth about the role of MEK leaders in the massacre, but not announcing the name of this murdered member obviously points to the fact that the MEK leaders don’t even dare to announce who this one is.

++ Roya Doroudi, who had been transferred from Iraq to Albania (from the ones who are still loyal to the MEK and not those who have separated themselves), died this week. The MEK has given no explanation why and how. She was a child of one of the members at the start of the revolution and would not have been older than 37 years old. Many, including Atefeh Eghbal, have reminded us that time is short and these people are falling one by one only to be labelled and praised as ‘sacrifices for Massoud and Maryam Rajavi’ and the cult.

++Hamid Mansouri one of the older former members of the MEK had an interview with Tasnim News in Tehran. He has been explaining the MEK’s system of recruitment in America where he was studying and how they sent them to Iraq under Saddam Hussein. He talks about how they treated people once under their control, and how they used them in whatever way Rajavi or Saddam’s Mokhaberat found fit.

++ Many writers have referred to the public praises issued by the MEK over the murder of an Iranian border guard by Saudi backed Jaish Al Adl terrorists in the south of Iran. Many have pointed to the concept that the MEK were removed from the terrorism lists precisely because they are terrorists rather than because they are not. Jaish Al Adl is the remains of Rigi’s group after he was caught and executed in Iran, and Rajavi enjoyed very close operational relations with the group including planning and training for them from the MEK HQ in Paris.

Fars News reported that Iraqi MP Rafe’ Abdul Jabbar had criticised the United Nations because it “turned a blind eye to the Israeli regime in a double-standard practice towards regional issues.” One of those was the MEK in Iraq. He censured the glacial pace in the relocation process of the MKO members to third party countries, and said, “Baghdad is obeying the UN in this regard and this organization is obeying the US.”

“We should admit that Iraq’s independence is still far away,” he added.

He said Iraq’s obedience to the UN decisions is the main reason for the inability of Iraq to expel members of the MEK group, adding that the MEK’s activities may influence Tehran-Baghdad relations.

++ A long and detailed article by Mazda Parsi from Nejat Bloggers exposes the payments received by politicians in America for advocacy of the MEK, even during the time they were on the US terrorism list.

December 06 2013

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