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Defector’s Testimonies on Pure Violence in the MKO

While Iran and the world six powers were negotiating the Iranian nuclear program, the Mujahedin Khalq propaganda arm the so-called National Council of Resistance was all the time launching their notorious disinformation campaign against Islamic Republic.

The MKO figure who is introduced as "chairman of the Peace Commission of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, is Mehdi Abrishamchi. He is the key PR runner who declares the alleged revelations on Iranian nuclear program in the press conferences organized by the group.

Mehdi Abrishamchi is actually the ex-husband of the group’s alleged president elect Maryam Rajavi who divorced his wife to grant her to the leader of the cult Massoud Rajavi. Massoud married Maryam immediately after she separated from Abrishamchi.

Once Abrishamchi became the MKO’s PR tribune under the misleading title "chairman of Peace Commission", former members of the group reminded his true nature as a malicious official of "the Cult of Rajavi".

Javad Firouzmand is an MKO ex-member and currently the spokesman of Iran Aria Association that was founded by former members of the group to aid release and relocation of the group members. Mr. Firouzmand is one of those defectors of the cult who published a detailed article on Mehdi Abrishamchi’s true face. He denounces Abrishamchi as an enemy of peace and freedom who used to ruthlessly suppress any opposite opinion in MKO camps in Iraq and now he despicably runs the MKO’s demonizing and misinformation campaign in Europe.

Nejat Society has translated certain parts of Javad Firouzmand’s enlightening article on the MKO dreadful senior member Mehdi Abrishamchi:

” Abrishamchi surely remembers the summer of 2001 when he was torturing me in prison of Camp Ashraf after I was arrested and jailed following an unsuccessful escape. He broke the bone of my chest by his foot. He together with Hassan Nezamalmaleki and Mahvash Sepehri tried to make me blind by shoving a pen into my eye. They tried to lift me by pulling me with my ears while my hands were coughed and my feet were chained, that ultimately ended with my ears bleeding and puncture.

Instead of cheating and chanting slogans of "freedom", Abrishamchi must answer me question:  Did he respect my right for freedom when I decided to leave the MKO? I had spent the longest time of my life in the MKO, someday he has to state under what accusation he personally tortured me.

After several month of imprisonment he pulled me to Rajavi’s session called ‘To’meh’ [victim] in Camp Baqerzadeh where Massoud and Maryam Rajavi sentenced me to 8 years of hard labour and finally to death penalty. This way they wanted to threaten other dissident members of the cult. They signed my sentence before the eyes of 4000 members. Was it a crime to defect from the MKO Gestapo in the late years of Saddam Hussein’s ruling? Did it mean that I was a "regime mercenary" just because I wanted to leave the MKO?

I recall the days they hit me in the abandoned Camp Jalalzadeh. I was hand coughed beaten under their fists and feet. I do not forget Abrishamchi’s typical atrocity; he verbally abused my family while beating my chest, stomach and legs by his toes.

From early in the morning –when Saddam Hossein’s security forces submitted me to the MKO—Abrishamch and Hassan Nezamalmaleki started horrendously torturing me until noon. They were mad with Ba’th’s security guards who hadn’t shot me – Rajavi had previously ordered them to shoot any MKO defectors they come across. Beating me violently he was shouting," They should have killed this ‘henchman’. Why did they yield him alive?"

 I could never forget the evil face of Abrishamchi, Nezamalmaleki, Mahvash Sepehri and many other women of the Elite Council who used to torture me every day while my hands and feet were chained and my eyes were closed.

He was the person who after constantly torturing me for 8 hours ordered the guard of the prison to take me to their jail in Ashraf in which as he said they would be able to make me speak!"

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