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MEPs must intervene to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in MKO

Honorable Members of European Parliament

Kanone Iran Ghalam (KIG) a humanitarian organization established in Germany for more than a decade by defected members of the Iranian Mojahedin-E-Khalgh Organization (MEK), some of them with more than a quarter of century of history inside the MEK.

KIG has been disclosing the atrocities of the MEK against their own members inside the Cult like organization and elsewhere.

In this respect, KIG would like to bring the followings to your kind attention:

-Whilst the transfer of the imprisoned members of MEK in Camp Liberty in Iraq to a third country has been stopped by the Masoud and Maryam Radjavi the leaders of the MEK.

-While the MEK members in Camp Liberty see no future for themselves in the MEK organization.

-Whilst, according to the United Nations officials, the leaders of the MEK have created a dead lock for the release of their members in Camp Liberty by creating many problems in the process of their release.

-while, the captive members in Camp Liberty have been ordered to go on hunger strike, depriving them from their basic rights of eating and drinking are suffering physically and psychologically.

-Whilst the ordered hunger strike is in its 90th days with absolutely no prospect what so ever.

-Whilst the main goal of the MEK Leaders is to eliminate the dissident members inside the organization by this action, are also after utilizing the hunger strike and the deaths resulting from it for more media coverage purposes.

KIG would like to ask your honorable members of EU Parliament to take action to put an end to this humanitarian tragedy in Camp Liberty Iraq.

Now days will be marking the last days of some innocent people in Camp Liberty, your action will be of a great value in saving innocent lives.

Undoubtedly, MEK Leaders stationed in Paris have the full responsibility of this gradual death which is clearly a crime against humanity.

Kanon-e Iran Galam

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