Families ask the WHO to intervene in the MEK Camp in Albania

Letter from Mr. Farhad Ardashiri, brother of Musa Ardashiri, to the President of the World Health Organization

Mr. Farhad Ardashiri wrote a letter to the head of the World Health Organization and also to the Albanian government, requesting the involvement of relevant officials in the MEK camp in Albania, especially in relation to his brother Musa Ardashiri.

Musa Ardeshiri brother
Mr.Ardashiri – second person from right in second row

Honorable President of the World Health Organization

I am Farhad Ardeshiri, the brother of Musa Ardeshiri. My brother was captured by Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) forces during the defense against Iraqi offensives and transferred to Camp Ashraf in Iraq. He was kept there with deceit.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein, I went to Camp Ashraf twice to visit my brother. For the second time, I could not meet him and on the contrary the MEK officials ordered that the families as well as us be insulted and slandered. Since then my brother has not even been allowed to make a phone call until we found out that he has been transferred to Albania and is being held in the MEK camp.

Now, with the widespread pandemic of the Coronavirus in the MEK camp in Albania and the deaths of several people in recent weeks, this issue has worried us a lot.

I urge you as the person in charge of world health, as well as the Albanian government, to intervene in the situation of the coronavirus in the MEK camp in Albania and check their health status, because, as you know, the coronavirus has many victims around the world. It is very dangerous to neglect this disease in Camp Ashraf in Albania.

I would also like you to ask the officials of the MEK to allow my brother, Musa Ardeshiri, to contact his family.

Farhad Ardeshiri
Ghaemshahr – Mazandaran – Iran
December 2020


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