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Nejat Families call to visit their loved ones in the MEK Camp in Albania

Messages and letters from a number of families in West Azarbaijan Province, addressed to Albanian PM requesting communication with their loved ones in the MEK Camp

Families of MEK hostages in ALbania - west Azarnayjan

Simultaneous with the nationwide signing of the families of the detained members of the MEK Camp in Albania, a number of families in West Azarbaijan Province (northwest of Iran) also expressed solidarity with the families’ petition by sending separate messages and letters to Albanian government officials and authorities, as well as international and human rights groups and the media. The families have called in their messages for suitable conditions of face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations with their loved ones in the country.

For almost a month now, the leaders of the MEK cult have strongly resisted the legitimate demand of the families wishing to travel to Albania and visit their relatives in the organization’s camp and have insulted and slandered them.

It should be noted that due to the collective living conditions of the MEK in Albania and the onset of coronavirus disease and the lack of access and control of health officials inside the camp, the families’ worries have been doubled.

The families have tried in every possible way to send a message, letter, photo, and audio and video files to the Albanian government, which is in charge of the MEK.

All these requests and messages from the families have also been sent to European and international authorities and in addition to Albanian bodies and the media.

Families are waiting the Albanian government, as a humanitarian gesture, to respond appropriately to their request and provide the right conditions for meeting in Albania. Many of these families have not heard for years from their loved ones who are now living inside the MEK camp in Albania.

It should be noted that in recent years, many families in West Azarbaijan Province have died while waiting to visit their loved ones and have never been able to get any news of them, and their names are missing now on the appendix list.

Other families from West Azarbaijan Province are still sending letters and messages.

To view The table of mailing lists sent so far from West Azerbaijan Province click here

Families of MEK hostages in ALbania - west Azarnayjan

Some messages addressed to the Albanian Prime Minister from the relevant table is shown below.
The same aging fathers and mothers who are called terrorists and mercenaries by the infamous Rajavi :

-“I want to meet my son. This is my only wish,”wrote Batool Soltani, Akbar Khosravi’s mother, to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

-“I just want to meet my son. Is that a big wish?”Wrote Vajihe Khabati, Sadegh Kayhan’s mother.

-“My son was promised a life in Europe, but he was deceived and taken to Iraq,”wrote Alireza Namazdoost’s father Beyramali Namazdoost.

-“My son has been captured for 32 years, otherwise my son would not have been involved in politics. Now why aren’t they allowed to call their families?” wrote Reza Saadat Irani, the father of Farhad Saadat Irani

-“My daughter has been with the MEK for 39 years and I have no news of her. I want to see her at least once.”wrote Fatemeh Adnani, Fariba Habibpour’s mother

-“My son had nothing to do with the MEK and he was definitely deceived,”wrote Ibrahim Samadi, the father of Ismail Samadi.

-“My sons have been taken away from me and we are not allowed to call. A simple call does not kill anyone. Why shouldn’t I contact my sons?” wrote Karim Estavanpour, the father of Mehran and Mohammad Reza Estavanpour

-“My son went to Turkey to study. He was deceived and has been imprisoned for 33 years. He is now in your country. I want to contact him,”said Abu Talib Mirionis Haghi, Ali Akbar Mirionis Haghi’s father.

-“My daughter was abducted by the MEK while we were traveling, and now she is not allowed to communicate with her mother (me),”wrote Halie Najdat, Fatemeh Eftekhar’s mother.

-“My son is not in a good physical condition and I am worried about him in the current situation. I want to hear from him.”wrote Zahra Ashrafkhani, the mother of Mir Raqif Sedaghi.

-“I want to see my son after 39 years. Isn’t this the just right of a father?”, Ghorban Ali Badrifar, Akbar Badrifar’s father

-“Please establish our relationship with my father.”, wrote Ali Eslami, son of Ali Asghar Eslami

-“My son has been in captivity of MEK for 38 years,”said Safia Shamsi, the mother of Ayub Palideh.

“I have not seen my son for more than 34 years. Allow me to visit him in MEK’s camp,”wrote Pourandokht Hussein Abizi, Abdullah Moghaddasi’s mother.

-“I haven’t seen my son for 30 years,”wrote Zarrin Taj Daneshshi, Nasrallah Majidi’s mother.

-“Our son was captured during the Iran-Iraq war and then sold to the MEK, and he is now in an Albanian camp. We want to meet and communicate with him after 32 years.”, wrote Abdullah Abbasi, the father, and Maral Moghadam, the mother of Khalil Abbasi

-“Provide conditions for me to meet with my daughter in the MEK camp.”, Roghayeh Rezvan, mother of Mahtaj Tabrizi.

-“Provide the conditions for me to meet with my child.”, wrote Sakineh Habibpanah, the mother of Yousef Ali Akbari Chianeh.

-“Why shouldn’t I meet with my sons? I am asking the Albanian government to allow me to meet with my sons.”, Kazem Kazempour, the father of Hossein Kazempour and Mohammad Reza Kazempour,.

-“When I was very young, my father left us alone, and now he is in Albania and in the MEK camp, but they do not allow us to meet him.”, Neda Kazempour, the daughter of Hossein Kazempour.

-“I have not seen my son for 40 years and I do not know about his condition. What is the problem with a simple call?”, wrote Malik Khodaei, the mother of Salahoddin Abdollah Nejad.

Nejat Society, West Azarbaijan Province Representation

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