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Rajavi Summons Edi Rama To Stop Anti-MEK Protests

Less than ten days after the anti-MEK protest by the residents of Manez, the VIPs of Albanian politics flocked to the town. At the beginning, the town of Manez was visited by the mayor of Durrës, Mrs Sako, who promised to give attention and commitment to the problems and concerns of the inhabitants of Manez.

After that, the Minister for Infrastructure and Energy, Ms Balluku, accompanied by Mr Cela, the director of OSHEE, descended on Manez. They promised reconstruction of the 6 KW distribution network, reconstruction of electric cabins and the RRJET network. Their visit to Manez preceded and probably successfully neutralized the upcoming protest by Manez residents on the issue of: ‘Why does the Mojahedin camp enjoy 24 hours of uninterrupted light, while we are suffocated by black outs?’

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As the icing on the cake today, Manez was visited by the Prime Minister Edwin Rama himself, accompanied by the Minister of Reconstruction, Mr Ahmetaj and the mayor of Durrës, Mrs Sako. In meetings with the residents of Manez, Mr Rama promised more attention to them as well as more government commitment to repair and rebuild their homes damaged or even destroyed by the earthquake of November 26, 2019.

Naturally, the question arises, why is our government so sensitive when Albanians protest against the MEK, while they have almost zero sensitivity, when Albanians protest for water and light, when students protest against the destruction of Albanian universities and when villagers protest for the missing subsidies in Albanian agriculture?! In the accompanying photos to this article, it can be seen that Shijak – a city with almost the same number of inhabitants as Manez and about 20 km away from Manez – was flooded today as the waters of the Erzen River overflowed its banks. The Prime Minister goes and meets the residents of Manez, who protested against the MEK some 10 days ago, but does not give a hoot about the concerns of the residents of the nearby town of Shijak, whose houses were flooded!

Apparently, in order for Albanians to attract the attention of VIPs in Albanian politics, they must protest against the MEK! If they do, Albania’s political VIPs turn into Santa Claus with a bag full of ‘gifts’, so that Albanians do not protest against the MEK anymore.

Sin! Shame on our compatriots that they act as second-class citizens in their own Homeland!
Gjergji Thanasi, Ashraf News, Translated by Iran Interlink

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