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Camp Ashraf- Human Catastrophe

A report on the meeting of Iranian Human Right Association in Europe and North America  On Thursday, March 6th, a number of human right associations and MKO defectors attended a roundtable, investigating the human aid to captured people of Camp Ashraf and TIPF; in the round table which lasted the whole day, Mr. Masud Khodabandeh submitted a report on his activities in Iraq during previous weeks, then they discussed the ways to aid the Iranian captives of Ashraf and also harmonizing the efforts and functional ways in order to accelerate their salvation.  About 3400 members of MKO whose lives are in danger; are in Iraq and if the efforts to help them are not well organized, we might encounter a human catastrophe. Therefore, all the associations in the round table and the other associations (via telephone) decided to dedicate their activities to the extradition of Iranians from Iraqi territory and their survival out of Iraq. During the round table Mrs. Batoul Soltani the former member of MKO’s leadership Council who has recently left Camp Ashraf and also TIPF and is now working as a responsible of Sahar Foundation in Iraq, attended the meeting via telephone and was interviewed by Behzad AliShahi. The attendees were also engaged in cooperation with Sahar Foundation on its human rights activities. At the end a statement consisted of seven articles was issued. The resolution is as follows:  The statement on the support of Captured Iranians in Camp Ashraf

1. Regarding the situation of Iraq today and particularly the recent confirmations made by Iraqi government on the trial of some members and the expulsion of some others, the problem of the future of members of Ashraf and helping them is absolutely a human problem and should be investigated without any political tendency.

2. Regarding that the problem of members captured in Ashraf is absolutely a human one, there is no difference between a defector and a non defector of MKO and their ranks within the MKO. The priority is the support for the principal human rights of the whole 3400 members.

3. Regarding the human emergency which dominates Ashraf and the serious threatens for Ashraf members in Iraq and the documented reports of a majority of International human rights organizations, the transfer of these people to a third secure country (especially European or North American countries) has the priority and we condemn any political abuse of such a situation.

4. As the individuals or organization settles in Europe or North America, we stress the necessity of the information given by mass media in order to reflect the emergency and dangerous situation of Ashraf and we demand for the concentration of all the associations on the problem.

5. We ask the entire Iranian forces, oppositions, groups and individuals in abroad to forget their political opinions and try to do their best to rescue their compatriots who once stepped in the way to achieve democracy and freedom for their nation.  6. We declare our complete support for the families who are asking for their minimum human rights including a private visit with the captives of Ashraf, stating our readiness to assist Sahar Family Foundation in Europe and North America. 7. We ask the leader of Muajhedin Khalq Organization, Mr. Masud Rajavi and his assistant Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and their foreign cooperators in Telaviv, London and Washington especially their supporters’ committee in British parliament to recognize the human rights of captured members in Camp Ashraf after three decades and stop their obstructions and hostility that heightens their pains, setting for a logic and human turn towards cooperation with human right organization such as Sahar Family Foundation.  Iran Peyvand Association

Aawa Association

Rahaiee Association

Iran Qalam Association

Iran Pars Association

Iran Sabz Association

Iran Intelink Association

Norway Peace Association

Negah-e-no Association


Iran Ayandeh- Translation: Nejat Society -March 7th, 2008

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