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Leaders Of MKO Abused our Human Rights in Camp Ashraf

The letter of a group of the freed and human rights activists in France to the honorable Amnesty International in Paris

Honorable director of Amnesty international The letter of a group of the freed and human rights activists in France to the honorable Amnesty International in Paris

We are a group of freed and liberated people from Rajavi’s cult who are currently living in Paris, we would like to draw your attention to the facts which we experienced them bitterly during our stay in this cult;

1. The pmoi( People’s Mujahedin Organization ) has been recognized as a terrorist organization throughout the world and from the day one of their foundation , they established their strategy and policy on violence , terror , and mass killings and they have perpetrated many violent and terrorist crimes against Iranian people.

2. By having the knowledge of this fact that pmoi has been the first organization which has begotten and expanded suicide missions in the middle east and currently they are following it with more progressive methods than before.

3. By confirmation of this fact that the security and the well being of the separated members of this cult throughout the world has been threatened consecutively by the Rajavi’s terrorist cult and these separated members have confronted with variety of dangers and also inside the Ashraf castle , the leaders and operatives of this organization have created and established the same terror and slow death for their captives and dissidents in there.

4. By having the knowledge of this fact that the pmoi has been listed and categorized as a foreign terrorist organization in the US state department terrorist list since 1997 and they have remained in that terrorist list since then.

5. By having the knowledge of this fact that many of those stranded captives do not want to stay under the tyrant domination of Rajavi , but Rajavi does not allow them to leave the organization and nobody has been informed and heard that what has happened exactly against the dissidents inside the Rajavi’s prisons and because of that the cult leaders have been carrying out any possible harassment comfortably against the dissidents inside Ashraf.

You should be also informed of the following facts ;

1. The people residing in Ashraf camp do not have any authorization to communicate with each other freely by no means.

2. The dissidents should not leave their designated perimeter .

3. Every night , the dissidents should face the brainwashing and indoctrination sessions which is accompanied by swearing , curse and insult.

4. The residents of Ashraf camp are not allowed to meet and visit their family and their loved ones.

5. The people who show their willingness to leave the organization , they will be facing harsh punishment in collective sessions such as swearing , curse , insult , beat up and incarceration to pipe down and change their minds .

6. The residents of Ashraf camp who are living in the Ashraf concentration camp, consecutively have been forced to watch and listen to the Rajavi’s audios and videos and Organizational Anthems as well as the fake and false movie clips about the freed and separated members and their connection with Iranian government to insult them and terrorize the dissidents of their future decisions .

Honorable director of the Amnesty international

Now with all these facts which mentioned above , you should judge that under those fatal and slow death and horrifying and scary circumstances , is it true that all humanitarian organizations specifically your honorable Amnesty international are the only one who are able and capable of helping those stranded captives?

By hoping for the best that you pay enough attention to the captives’ voice and their painful and agonizing condition .

The former members of pmoi

Saeed Naseri
Mahmoud Sepahi
Ghafour Fatahian
Homayoun Kahzadi
Alireza Nasrollahi

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