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Mojahedin Khalq final destination is France

Open letter to the President of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy

Honorable President
The subject of our open letter to Your Excellency is about the terrorism and specifically pmoi ( People’s Mujahedin Organization) which you have been familiar and acquainted with them since Open letter to the President of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozylong time ago but we want your acquaintance with them become more transparent and more tangible.

We are a group of separated members of pmoi or we would better to say the victims of pmoi who have separated from them and currently we are living in Europe. The very important affair and event about Mujahedin is happening in your country and Europe has created lots of concerns and anxiety among Iranian people, international society and us.

Among Iranian people, your country is very famous for its democracy and freedom but despite of its reputation, your country has been the host of a dangerous terrorist organization for 3 decades. The terrorist group which took advantage and misuse of the democracy and freedom in your country for years and because of that they were confronted with the rules of law in your country and finally in 1986 they were forcibly and unwillingly left the French soil temporarily and they transferred themselves to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The pmoi organization ,which later were employed by Saddam Hussein’s notorious and horrifying security and intelligence service, began suppression and oppression of Iraqi Shies and Kurds and they become completely devoted to Saddam Hussein himself and his government.

This group , as a result of too many facilities and too much fortune which had gained them from Iraq , became very swanky and arrogant and in 2003 when their political and military consumption date finished , they began looking for fulcrum and a foothold in Europe , they chose France again for implementing their objectives and as a result of that Maryam Rajavi arrived in Paris in a hurry but later she ,as a result of taking advantage of French democracy and freedom , was confronted with the French rules of law and its regulations but she ,in stead of paying homage to the French law and its regulations , began blackmailing the law and judiciary system and ordering the members of her organization to do self immolation in public.

You ,who were then in the position of French interior minister , said perfectly about their blackmailing essence and nature which they are one of the most brutal and savage terrorist organizations in the world.

Mr. President

Your statement about pmoi is completely genuine and your recognition of this organization which has passed its test in suppression , torture, mass killing and dictatorship under the sovereignty of Saddam Hussein , has caused the satisfaction of the Iranian opposition groups as well as the victims of this brutal organization, but it is a surprise for us that you ,by the pretexts of democracy and political problems which you have with Iranian government , are still hosting of this terrorist organization , whereas the war against terrorism has been continuing throughout the world , and terrorism by its criminal ideology is blackmailing and taking advantage of the democracy and freedom and victimize the people specially the terrorists who have learned all kind of tricks , suppression , plot, and etc under direct supervision of Saddam Hussein and by the fortune which they earned it in Iraq , they continue their plots, deceitful policies , enmity and threat in Iraq and France against people specially against their former victims .

Mr. President

Terrorism by the ideology of deceit , threat and violence , has not changed its nature and essence and it will not. They have utilized the same method and they have been using violence to preserve themselves and gain the power more than 4 decades and during those decades they have proven throughout the world that they do not know any other methods except violence and they have never tried other logical, rational and modern methods. They have never tried to solve their internal problems by allowing their own members to stress their point of view and outlooks and outside of their internal relations , they have never tried to exchange views with other Iranian opposition groups, and in stead they always utilize force and threat to go forward.

Mr. President

Apart from the terrorist forces who came to France a long with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi in 2003 after the fall of Saddam Hussein , during recent weeks as a result of the pressure of Iraqi people and their government , they were forced to take some of their devoted and trained members out of Iraq and put them at Maryam Rajavi ‘s terrorist and warmongering service .

The pmoi forces ,by different pretexts and by taking refuge , have begun coming to Europe and their final destination will be France . They will continue using their method such as deceit, threat , and violence against the critics by taking advantage of the democracy and freedom which exist in Europe specially in France. They will continue their terrorist methods . They will continue threatening and intimidating their critics and victims by utilizing the tools and facilities which they have gained them in Iraq and by taking advantage of the democracy and freedom in European countries.

They have not regretted yet for their violent and dire past which they had in Iran, Iraq, and Europe but in stead they have been following their past experiences and they use them as a pattern for their future activities and their current propaganda substantiate and prove it clearly.

Mr. President

The achievements and democratic values as well as the freedom which European people specially French people have gained during recent centuries but today they have been all ridiculed and misused by this terrorist group , do not allow them to misuse those values and achievements for their objectives and goals. They will have no benefit for your country except violence, revenge, vengeance and crime . they have proven in the past that they do not and will not respect their host , their behavior and attitude toward Iraqi people and their government prove our claim, so we urge you as the president of France and the representative of French people , not to allow this terrorist organization to misuse your democracy and freedom to carry out their objectives on your soil. According to the information which we have gained recently and Massoud Rajavi ,the pmoi spiritual leader ,has spoken about that in one of his recent speeches , this terrorist group after their failure and fiasco in their warmongering policies and expulsion from Iraq , they are supposed to take revenge of their opponents on Europe and French soil and by this tactic they want to accuse their opponents in Europe for their failure in their terrorist policies . the pmoi spiritual leader reiterated and emphasized to his forces quote ¨ when you leave Iraq to go to Europe , you should keep your war mongering morale and attitude with you in there, because these are the secret of your persistence¨, end of the quote.

Iran Fanous cultural and political club ,Germany

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