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Iran: France should stop harbouring Terrorist Mojahedin Khalq 

MKO members who have betrayed their own country is an old weapon of no use .

Iranian Leader’s Aide, Ali Akbar Velayati, says that some Europeans are trying to deceive because sometimes they repeat what US President Trump says.“We can’t understand that the woman who is representing US at UN is an international affairs expert or missiles expert. And then she shows something and makes some claims that Iranians have done something. These are just claims,” said Ali Akbar Velayati, the Aide to Iranian Leader on International Affairs.

He made the remarks on Sunday at an event in Islamic Azad University.

“This person does not have the minimum required knowledge and information in this field and even is not courteous enough and just says baseless and groundless things,” reiterated the Iranian former foreign minister.

“Experts see this woman’s words in disdain,” added the official. “Iran, in no ways, has given any missile to Yemen,” asserted Mr. Velayati.

“France, from the beginning of the Islamic Revolution till today, has shown very little honesty,” he said touching upon the French government permitting MKO members to convene in France.

The organization has claimed the responsibility for thousands of terrorist operations which have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iranian civilians in blind terrors.

“They are using a group of mercenaries as MKO members who have betrayed their own country in France is an old weapon of no use anymore,” he condemned the organizers of the convention who are trying to exert pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran taking advantage of a group of political asylum seekers.

“If France is after international reputation, they should stop acting as the naïve followers of US,” he advised French officials. “France is Trump’s puppet in Europe,” he added accusing the French government to be obeying what the Americans order them to do in Europe.

“Niether Saudi Arabia, nor the Zionist regime are capable to do anything against Iran,” he underlined.

“Since the establishment of the Israeli regime, Saudi Arabia has had secret relations with the Zionists and now these relations have been disclosed and it shows the full desperation of Saudis who think they can do something relying on the Zionists,” affirmed the Iranian official.

“If the Zionist knew what to do, they would have stopped their own citizens escaping the settlements and would have made walls preventing the Palestinians to enter their settlements,” he added.

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