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Disclosure of a Pure Fact

Following a violent trend of struggle, MKO typically cannot tolerate any form of criticism by anyone. The group usually attacks the critics and attributes them to Iranian regime.

On December 3. MKO-run website thus reported:

Citing the Undersecretary on Security Affairs of Iraq and the Governor of Diyala

Province, Iran’s ruling religious fascism claimed, “The PMOI cooperates with Al-Qaeda.” It added, “Activities of the U.S. forces has led the terrorist mojahedin group to murder Shiites in Diyala Province in cooperation with Takfiri groups (referring to Islamic extremist groups)."

Iraqi PM’s Security Advisor Shirvan Vaeli earlier in an interview with Al-Forat TV had said: "Mojahedin-e Khalq has made alliance with Al-Qaeda in Dyalah province; it’s conducting terrorist activities in this province."

Shirvan Vaeli’s comment came after MKO had announced that they had formed "National Front for Saving Dyalah". The national front the group referred to was, in fact, a novel alliance with Saddam loyalists and other insurgents that could not abide a free and democratic Iraq.

Being well aware of MKO’s terrorist nature, Iraqis have no need to be informed of the group’s terrorist activities by the Iranian side and the group’s alliance with other uncompromising Iraqi groups. Living among the Iraqis at the present, MKO sees no other way but to condemn Iran of the claims that are nothing but pure facts disclosed by Iraqi individuals.

mojahedin.ws – 07/12/2006

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