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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 35

++ Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad has written an open letter to the Kuwaiti writer, supporter of the Mojahedin Khalq and remnant of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Zafer Al Ajami, criticising him for advocating using the MEK to stop Iran’s ambitions to enlarge its influence in the region. He reminds Ajami of Saddam’s attack on Kuwait as well as the many other crimes committed by the MEK. His letter is entitled “Dear Mr Al Ajami, MEK hostages, our friends and families, are not your playing cards”.

++ Anne Singleton wrote an article titled ‘MEK’s Western backers are complicit in their deaths’. After head of the Mukhtar Army Wathiq al-Battat claimed responsibility for another mortar attack on Camp Liberty, Singleton wrote, “In the past year over 8,000 people have died in violent incidents in Iraq. The problem is not that the MEK are being singled out for attack, the real problem is that nobody is allowed to get inside Camp Liberty to help rescue these people from their enforced captivity. Nobody is allowed to help them or to relocate them or save their lives. In spite of the diverse efforts of various parties, MEK leaders have refused to allow any party to help or rescue the residents first in Camp Ashraf and latterly in Camp Liberty.” The article pointed out that it cannot be possible for only Massoud and Maryam Rajavi to block all access to the MEK residents in Camp Liberty, and that the MEK’s powerful backers have an interest in keeping them trapped there. Singleton concludes that the Rajavis “will expend their [members’] blood in whatever way suits them to fulfil the agenda of their backers, but clearly they will end up killing all of them sooner or later. And those who use the MEK in any way and deny help to the individuals are complicit in this scenario.”

++ Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative Nickolay Mladenov called on the Government of Iraq to investigate the mortar attack on Camp Liberty and bring the perpetrators to justice. Both Mr. Mladenov and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) urged the international community to urgently intensify efforts to find resettlement opportunities. “This is the ultimate guarantee of the security and safety of Camp Hurriya (Liberty) residents,” he said. Since then Iraqi security forces have instigated further efforts to push back terrorists and insurgents throughout the country and as a result arrested Al Batatt at a checkpoint. In addition, Iraqi security forces and local tribesmen have started a sweeping operation against militants linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist group in the western province of Anbar. Al Batatt previously claimed responsibility for the mortar attacks from outside Camp Liberty. It is still not known which assailants attacked and killed 53 MEK members from inside Camp Ashraf.

++ Many people have written articles in Farsi about the suspicious death of the 53rd victim Massoud Dalili in Camp Ashraf. They have pieced together the known facts to debunk Rajavi’s claim that this was due to his defection and that he led the attackers to the site of Rajavi’s hideout before the attackers killed him and disfigured his corpse to hide his identity. Iran Interlink wrote an open letter to Ban Ki Moon under the title: ‘Who killed ex MEK member Massoud Dalili? Pentagon must release the key to the UN investigation’. The article identifies the continued protection and immunity given to the MEK in Iraq by the Pentagon as the reason Iraqi investigators are unable to get inside Camp Liberty to interview the 42 surviving eye witnesses to the deaths. Dalili’s death and the MEK’s strange reaction calls into question who exactly did commit the murders inside Camp Ashraf. Iran Interlink’s article concludes “Currently the Pentagon does not allow the UN or the authorities of the sovereign state of Iraq to enter Camp Liberty and offer succour to the residents there. The Iraqi investigators as well as government officials widely acknowledge that their hands are tied by the UN and ultimately by the Americans who have deliberately foisted the MEK on them without giving them any chance to remove them or bring the criminal elements to justice. Unless the UN discovers the courage and ability to stand up to the Americans over this issue, it is clear that more and more residents of Camp Liberty will be killed.”

++ There have been numerous warnings issued to western governments and security agencies, including from Sahar Family Foundation, that Rajavi is trying to incite his followers to attack, terrorize and eliminate the ex members and critics of the MEK in Europe and North America and blame this on the Iranian Government. This comes after exposure of the suspicious murder of the 53rd victim in Camp Ashraf, Massoud Dalili, which Rajavi likes to blame on Iraqi government forces. Following this claim, the MEK outlets have been on overdrive to say that ex members are a danger to the leadership and the cause and should therefore be eliminated before they can become part of the enemy force (in this case Iraqi government).

++ Arash Sametipour wrote for the BBC Persian website ‘Another missile attack on Camp Liberty’. He added more photos to the collection exposing Maryam Rajavi. Many commentators have criticised Rajavi during this week for not co-operating with the international agencies to take the remaining MEK and Ex MEK members out of Iraq.

++ Sahar Family Foundation published an article about Massoud Dalili, the ex member killed by the MEK in Camp Ashraf. (The MEK claims that Iraqi forces attacked Ashraf and killed Dalili after bringing him with themselves.) The article gives the details of his escape from the MEK, his registration with UNAMI and the ICRC and his refusal to stay under the protection of Iraqi security alongside 15 other ex members at that time in Hotel Mohajer, Baghdad. Dalili transferred to another hotel with less security and a few days later vanished. Now we know that he was abducted by the MEK and taken to Camp Ashraf. SFF clearly places responsibility for the murder of Massoud Dalili on the MEK and its leader Massoud Rajavi.

++ During an interview in Baghdad an Iraqi MP detailed the MEK’s role in suppressing the Iraqi people on the order of Saddam Hussein’s security services. He went on to explain how easy it would be for the European and American backers of the MEK to take them to their own countries. He explains that they don’t do so because they know the nature of what they have created. Their terrorist group is there to be used as a tool against the people in the Middle East region and they don’t want its potential danger in their own countries.

++ Many, including Hadi Afshar (Saeed Jamali), have again emphasised the fact that bringing the camp residents out of Iraq is very much possible and have even explained a variety of possible scenarios including the details of the movement of MEK leaders and commanders from Iraq to Europe as Maryam Rajavi and around 200 close people came to Paris through Jordan in 2003 during the fall of Saddam. Many have pointed out that Rajavi is getting paid by ex Saddamists to keep these hostages in Iraq as long as possible, a task which has no relevance to the stated goal of the organisation which is supposedly to oppose the Iranian government.

++ Ex members are reminding those groups and agencies who use every and any false excuse to attack Iran, that these kinds of action only help Iran to claim that all accusations of human rights abuses from outside the country are based on political hostility by the West and its agents and not on facts and reality.

++ Several ex members have been writing about an individual called Jafar Eghdami who is in prison in Iran. Some Facebook users and commentators have claimed that because he has been with the MEK he should be classed as a political prisoner or be released under the amnesty. Other ex members however have revealed their first hand knowledge of Jafar Eghdami’s terrorist operations using mortars and other military equipment on several occasions after having been trained in Camp Ashraf in Iraq during the era of Saddam Hussein. We are reminded by them that terrorists caught red handed in killing innocent people cannot and should not be portrayed as ‘political prisoners’ as this will jeopardise the struggles of real political prisoners who are neither criminals nor terrorists.

++ Mazda Parsi of Nejat Bloggers identifies the MEK and AIPAC as lobbying groups which promote endless wars in the Mideast. The article starts with the assertion that, “Very soon after the US administration was starting to admit that the military option could not be on the table any more, the MKO and AIPAC lobbies came up with a new Iran sanctions bill designed to frustrate the historic agreement reached by Iran and the West in Geneva. And, once that bill is passed, it provides automatic U.S military backing for Israel if its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decides to attack Iran.” Parsi continues, “Regarding the MKO as a cult-like group that had been on the FTO list until recently, the support it enjoys in the Congress is mostly linked to the financial donations it makes to its advocates rather than any deep loyalty to the group’s agenda. However, the support for the MKO agenda to violently overthrow the Islamic Republic is now paired with the long time efforts of AIPAC to drive the United States into a war with Iran.”

++ An article by Global Research implicates the MEK in the killings of Iranian scientists in the past four years. “Iran announced late June that its intelligence forces have identified and arrested all terrorist elements behind the assassination of the country’s nuclear scientists. All the elements involved in the assassinations of the country’s nuclear scientists have been identified and arrested,” Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced in a statement at the time. A number of countries, whose territories and facilities had been misused by the Mossad-backed terrorist teams, have provided Iranian officials with relevant information, the statement added.

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