MEK to re-impose brainwashing system in Albania

Reports from Albania reveal that the MEK are attempting to re-impose its brainwashing system. There are three kinds of people in Tirana. First the MEK and their loyalists. Men and women are separated with the men occupying a 12 storey building called Italia House. The women have been moved a kilometre distant.

Apparently Maryam Rajavi is very concerned to restrict their contact with the outside world to prevent any of them running away. Everyone has been instructed, in addition to their daily tasks of cooking and cleaning, to learn English, French or German. Brainwashing sessions are held three times a day. Since Maryam Rajavi is worried about information coming out of Albania she has given direct instructions for everyone to watch each other, to stay inside the building as much as possible and those who need to go shopping should go in groups of at least three and watch each others’ activity.

 On their return they have a debriefing session.

The second group are those who have separated but are still dependent on the MEK for legal and/or financial reasons. They are paid $250 per month plus food, but they have to work for the MEK in return and it is also conditional on them not having contact with others. They are more free than the loyalists, don’t have to participate in meetings, but are required to listen to Maryam Rajavi’s proclamations and watch videos.

The third group are those who have separated completely from the MEK are getting no money or food from the MEK, but little by little they are using their freedom to stand on their own feet and get back to a normal life.

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