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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 60

++ This week, right minded Iranians all over the world have given their attention to the atrocities being inflicted on Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Predictably, only the MEK – out of fear of their Israeli owners – have remained silent on this issue in particular.

++ The mother of a resident in Camp Liberty held hostage by Rajavi has died after her desperate appeal for Rajavi to allow a last phone call with her son was denied. Ironically, although Rajavi did not allow this contact, the MEK announced her death in a statement which refers to her as a Mojahedin Martyr and claiming she was one of their supporters. This nasty ploy of Maryam Rajavi provoked many reactions in Farsi sites about the way she behaves. Hamed Sarafpour sent his condolences to the family and reminds us that it was only a week ago the family had made a last desperate attempt to arrange a phone call. This, he says, is how shameless Rajavi is.

++ Sahar Family Foundation reporting from Tirana during the last week has detailed the situation of ex members there who, although they are freed from MEK control, still face many problems. They live in an apartment block paid for by UNHCR but have been told that at end of a year this funding will be withdrawn and they will have to fend for themselves. This UN support includes a small stipend for food and fuel which already doesn’t cover their basic needs. On top of that they are being harassed daily by MEK operatives who obviously have unlimited financial backing. The MEK threatens them to be silent, but even if they agree to be silent they are then pushed to come back and work for the MEK. The pressure can be triggered by anything such as contacting their families, or a random accusation of being ‘agents of the Iranian regime’. The latest ploy is for the MEK to tell them their picture or name is on Iran-Interlink or Nejat Association websites and if they refuse to write swearing at these sites they will be beaten up because they are “obviously” agents of Iranian Intelligence and the MEK will therefore deal with them as “the enemy”.

++ This week has seen a spate of savage verbal attacks on Mrs Zahra Moini in Cologne, Germany from a variety of MEK sources trying to stop her talking after she became vocal about her experiences with the cult. The MEK threatened to publish information they have about her if she doesn’t cooperate. The MEK also claims she has never been with them and was an agent of the regime when she came to Iraq and they threw her out when they discovered this, and afterwards she was sent to Germany by Iran. Moini has been a resident and citizen of Germany for many years and it is only now that she has become a vocal critic that the MEK are attacking her. Today, a collectively signed open letter has been sent to her by ex members in Albania, reassuring her that many of them knew her in Iraq and witnessed the many difficulties she underwent there at the hands of the Rajavi cult. They have promised to bear witness wherever needed that she and her husband Babak Nik Tale’an were forced to hand-write dictated texts falsely confessing to be agents of the Iranian regime, and that was the condition that they would transfer them back to Germany from Iraq. They remind her that each one of them also has written such false confessions as the MEK forces everyone to do. Iran Interlink has also published photographs of Moini standing with Maryam Rajavi.

In English:

++ Global Research published an analytical article by Eric Draitser titled ‘The Strange Case of Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki against the Backdrop of the “War” against the Islamic State (IS)’. Draitser identifies a clear shift that has taken place in the rhetoric against, and analysis of, Prime Minster Nouri al-Maliki and his government recently. The article states, “It should come as no surprise to anyone who is even moderately aware of how US foreign policy and propaganda has historically operated, that the demonization of Maliki is directly linked to the inability of Washington to control him or, to put it another way, his refusal to accept US diktats… it was Maliki’s refusal to grant the US request to maintain US military bases in the country after the withdrawal which prompted the first round of attacks on him and his government… Maliki also took the absolutely monumental step of closing down Camp Ashraf and killing or expelling its inhabitants. Far from being a camp for “Iranian political exiles” as Western media have attempted to portray, Ashraf was the base of the Iranian terrorist organization Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), an organization supported wholeheartedly by neocons (as well as most “liberals”) in its continued terror war against Iran. Of course, because Maliki dared to cleanse Iraq of these US-sponsored terrorist thugs, he was immediately convicted in the court of US public opinion which described the operation as an assault on Iranian “freedom fighters.” We know all too well what the US means when it describes terrorists as freedom fighters.”

++ A. Sepinoud and Mazda Parsi on Nejat Bloggers write about the MEK’s seemingly desperate attempts to link itself to ISIS and other terrorist groups in the region apparently as a perverse way of proving that it still exists.

++ Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported that Ali Ashraf Rashidi, Head of Iran’s Evin prison, dismissed as a “lie” the recent media reports that a fire had erupted in one of the jail’s wards last week. MEK media outlets among others reported a fire on July 1 in one of the Evin prison wards. Rashidi explained the incident as “like how two electricity wires may have contact in any house resulting in short circuit and puff of smoke, the same incident happened in the clerics ward”, noting that anti-Iran groups are not expected to provide authentic reports anyway.”

++ Iraq’s Al-Raie International News Agency reported that “Awad Al Awadi, member of the Sadrist Al Ahrar Bloc of the Iraqi Parliament, called on the Iraqi attorney general to request that Interpol issue international arrest warrants for the leaders of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO), in particular Massoud and Maryam Rajavi.” He said, “some of the elements of the MKO who had come from Europe Entered Iraqi territory crossing Turkey borders in order to join ISIS forces in Mosul. Al Awadi stated, ”This is considered a threat to Iraqi national security and the Iraqi Government has the right to pursue the issue via international bodies.”

11 July 2014

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