Embracing the MKO, Success in the Short Term, Disaster in the Long Term

Regarding heavy expenses and large amounts of money, energy and time the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) spends to portrait itself as a pro-democracy movement, its so-called Great Gathering in Villepinte Paris, was expected to be addressed by at least a few Iranian political and intellectual figures, as it is usual in other oppositions’ meetings and conferences. The large group of speakers who addressed the gathering almost entirely included foreign politicians, particularly American former high profiles.

The absence of Iranian prominent figures in the MKO propaganda indicates the unpopularity of the group among Iranian diaspora although large number of audience were bused to the hall from different parts of Europe. Speakers were offered first class flights and luxurious hotels in Paris to address the bused audience.

 But, why this large number of non-Iranians –especially Americans- speak in favor of the MKO despite the numerous reports and documents that confirm cult-like undemocratic substance of the group ?

Ray McGovern, an ex-CIA operative was one of those individuals –lesser known than the heavyweight list that supports the cause of the MKO in the US—who are enough concerned and informed about the dark record of the  group. McGovern explained the use of the group in the US to Monitor in February 2005, years before the group was removed from the list of terrorist organizations of the State Department:

 "Why the U.S. cooperates with organizations like the Mujahedin, I think, is because that they are local, and because they are ready to work for us. Previously, we considered them a terrorist organization. And they exactly are. But they are now our terrorists and we now don’t hesitate to send them into Iran….for the usual secret service activities: attacking sensors, in order to supervise the Iranian nuclear program, mark targets for air attacks, and perhaps establishing secret camps to control the military locations in Iran. And also a little sabotage."[1]

At the time, Pat Long a former department manager in the military secret service, also said to Monitor, “Global Option has been taken up as buffer by the Pentagon in order to hide the Pentagon’s relations with a terrorist organization from the public.”[2]

The ex-civil servant of Pentagon secret services added: "Secret Services adopt security measures in their operations to which we can’t link the orders of government. So, if the operation fails, one can claim that the government has had no role in it and that there were other hands involved.”[3]

Pat Long predicted the puppet role of the MKO for the world powers. "They are again in business,” she said. “This time not beside Saddam Hussein but at the side of the US: always useful, always a puppet in the hands of powers."[4]

As Saddam Hussein’s private army during the 1980s and the 1990s, the MKO shifted to serve the US and Israel in the following decades. Karen Kwiatkowski, ex Pentagon official notifies, "MKO is ready to do things over which we would be ashamed, and over which we try to keep silent. But for such tasks we exactly use them."[5]

Considering the fact that the Cult of Rajavi is such an opportunistic group that may resort to various powers from time to time depending on its regional situation, Elizabeth Rubin of The New York Times warns western Politicians, "MEK is not only irrelevant to the cause of Iran’s democratic activists, but a totalitarian cult that will come back to haunt us." [6]

However, the MKO elements are almost the only Iranians who are seen in the halls of the US Congress “mingling with Hill staffers and representatives”.

Congressional support for the MKO as a cult-like terrorist entity is widely questioned because the leaders of the MKO operate their organization autocratically, stifling opposition within the group and fostering a cult-of-personality around Massoud Rajavi and his wife, Maryam. Practically the MKO isolates its members from the outside world, manipulating and abusing them in its modern slavery system. The mind controlling and brainwashing structure of the cult defy everything that democracy represents.

If the cult of Rajavi comes to power in Iran, it would continue its quest of goals that are contrary to democracy and increase the likelihood of continued terrorist activity, perhaps building a nuclear bomb. By the way, embracing the MKO is finally a lose-lose game for both its supporters and the group.

Mazda Parsi


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