Letter to the Mayor of Richmind Hill

Mojahedin Khalq are trying to control Richmond Hill Festival

Political organization Mojahedin are trying to control Richmond Hill Charshanbe Soori ( Iranian Fire Festival)

Mayor of Town Of Richmond Hill

Dear Mr. Barrow


I was informed after three days by Mr. Weaver, Richmond Green Management, that Richmond Green facility is closed to Farvardin cultural centre for 8th Iranian Fire Festival 2015.

charshanbe soori ( Iranian Fire festival )has been a successful community event with the help of community volunteers, sponsors and Town of Richmond Hill in the last 7 years .

1- I would like to advise that Mr. Jamshid Bagher zadeh had booked the facility for March 18 -2015 fire festival date in advanced, then how come we are not notified of cancellation yet?

2-I suggest Mr. Barrow and Town of Richmond Hill council to follow the Canadian laws and principals and keep their promise and not to bowing to the pressure of Mojahedin , MKO, a political pro sanction and war group that has been trying to control the event in last 15 years in Toronto and Richmond Hill, from Sunny Brook park in 2006 to Mel Last man and to Richmond Hill . MKO t undemocratic political efforts has been failed because charshanbe soori ( Fire Festival ) is a cultural event and has to remain cultural the same as last 3000 years.

3- In 2006 Mojahedin , Mr. Ali Vakili , and his team did the same thing in Sunny brook Park.

In 2005 we , include Mojahedin , Mr. Ali Vakili , organized the event with 13500 attending in Sunny Brook. they showed the crowd in MKO TV as support of Mrs. Rajavi who has been the leader of MKO in last 30 years with any election hold. However, in 2006 just 500 people attended Sunny Brook fire Festival organized by MKO ( ALi Vakil team) . The city of Toronto and police shut down the park to Iranian after in 2006 for the fire due to low turn out and high cost for the city of Toronto .

the detail report published in shahrvand MARCH 2006

4- The reason we moved to Richmond hill in 2007 because any kind of fire is illegal in Mel Last man facility.( Toronto ) which I am a co founder of Mel Last man Iranian Fire Festival , too .

5-We have respected and appreciated the cooperation between Farvardin Cultural centre and Town of Richmond Hill in the past.

6- We have helped Mayor Barrow to organize Persian new year Gala ,Nowrouz, for 4 years . The first year more than 650 people attending Langstaff Community centre in 2006 . The 2nd year hold in Banquet Hall with less people attended due to cost and 4th year a failure which Mayor shut it down. The reason for the success of the event was our organization believing in the grass roots of the community while the community trust in us , too.

7- Also. We Have been committed to our Volunteer works in the community and Richmond Hill . However. as Canadian citizens and organization We have proved in the past that we know the protocols and our rights .

8- The politicization of the Iranian cultural event by some authority in Town of Richmond Hill will hurt the relationship between town of Richmond Hill and a portion of Iranian community in Richmond Hill .

9- Denying Farvardin cultural centre to continue organize Fire Festival in Richmond green after seven years of cultural event will damage the relationship between a portion of Iranian Community in Richmond Hill ad Town Of Richmond Hill

10 – We have not followed up our rights and our demands indicted in letter dated on March 24-2014 during the 2014 municipality election because we, Farvardin cultural center, is a cultural entity and has not involved in the political activities.

11- The failure of a pro sanction Federal Iranian Liberal Candidate lost in Sep 2014 Liberal nomination and the election lost of the daughter of Liberal MPP in ward 2, proves the majority of Iranian are against the sanction which hurting our community in Richmond Hill and Ontario.

12- Also, our community has immigrated to Canada trying to avoid the politics in Iran. So, Please do not trap in pressure by Mojahedin, MKO, a violent and undemocratic organization based in Iraq. Majority of Iranian in Iran and in Canada dislike Mojahedin more than the clergy running Iran.

13- Please learn from the mistake Harper and Conservative made because they listened to the MKO and the group which is isolated within Iranian community. MKO are labeling those who criticism them as agent of I.R. Iran which is serious violation of Canadian law . Mojahedin ,they have never learned in the past from living in a democratic country such as Canada.

14- MKO have said the same allegation against me , Saeed Soltanpour, in the past before Mayor Dave Barrow, and some councilors . Since I do believe in Freedom of expression I have never filed a defamation law suit against them.

In 2006 they made death threat against me and Mrs. Niaz Salimi , one of the community Human right activist, from Camp Ashraf, We made a complain which was investigated by C.S.I.S.

15- I have advised MKO include Mr. ALi Vakili, that if you have any document, to be a good citizen and to present the documents to the police, C.S.I.S. and media . By the way As I told to Canadian security authority in Ankara in 1990 in my interview that I have been afiliated with Mojahedin for several years. so, MKO death and scare tactic could not shut me down .

16 – Mrs. Shahla Ghafori who was refereed to Mayor Barrow to run Fire Festival is affiliated with infamous MKO, Mojahedin, . Mrs. Shahla Ghafori is refereed by Liberal MPP Reza Moridi who is pro sanction and economic war against Iran which hurting Iranian people.

16- I know politics very well but I never involved my political views in the Cultural activity and in my Journalistic Carreer in Canada . After 7 years of organizing the Fire Festival in Richmond Green , Please do not make the event political. It would hurt Richmond Hill reputation.

As a voice of Iranian Community in Ontario , I request you and the Council to study the case wisely.

thanks for your consideration

yours truly

Saeed Soltanpour, Politics of Canada

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