Pictorial – Sanjabi and Khodabandeh in the Conference on “World Against Violence and Extremism”

Sanjabi and Khodabandeh, during the two days of the conference while speaking to the participants gave a brief report about the latest situation of Rajavi’s mind manipulating destructive cult (MKO) and emphasized the need to establish contact between those trapped in Camp Liberty in Iraq in the hands of Rajavi, and their suffering families. In all cases, without exception, the addressees approved the necessity for this basic right to be fulfilled and made promises that they would do everything possible in their capacity to help this human rights issue which is the result of the whim of a violent extremist leader of a cult.

Khodabandeh also met with Jean-Marie Guthenno, President of the International Crisis Group, Ali Dabbagh, former Iraqi Government Spokesman, Jan Oberg, Director of Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research of Sweden, Richard Bacon, Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, Herald Kindermann, German Council of Foreign Relations, Martin Fleischer, Vice President of the East-West Institute of Brussels, Cardinal Theodore Mc Carrick of the USA, Jim Slattery, former Congressman of the USA, and many dignitaries including governmental, non-governmental, international and human rights officials, and briefed them in detail about the Rajavi Cult and the situation of his victims and hostages in Camp Liberty.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh also met Ebrahim Jafari, Iraq’s Foreign Minister.

Sanjabi and Khodabandeh in the Conference on “World Against Violence and Extremism”


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