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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 86

++ On Wednesday 15 February Member of the European Parliament Nikolay Barekov from the EU Iran Delegation hosted a meeting with the title ‘Another Voice for a Free Iran’. Davoud Baghervand Arshad, Isa Azadeh and Ghorbanali Hossein Nejad put their points of view to the meeting. Afterwards some former MEK members wrote in various blogs and sites to congratulate them on their stance.

In English:

++ Daniel Larison, The American Conservative, ‘The Disgraceful Pro-MEK Campaign Continues’. The MEK is neither moderate nor democratic, and it seeks only the aggrandizement of its leaders. The group is understandably distrusted and loathed by most Iranians for its past record of hostilities against Iran, and it doesn’t speak for any of the legitimate opposition to Iran’s regime …

++ Nimnegah, translated by Nejat Society. ‘Alireza Amiri defected from the MKO Cult in Albania and returned to his homeland’. After long years of captivity behind the physical and psychological bars of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult, Mr. Amiri managed to release himself from the Cult and returned to his family. The Amiri family did their utmost to liberate their beloved son. Amiri family who are members of Nejat Society West Azarbaijan, 41Iran branch, wrote several letters to the human rights bodies such as Amnesty International, HRW, etc. They also met the Red Crescent representatives and emphasized on the release of their beloved son Alireza. The cult leaders eventually were forced to transfer Alireza to Albania along with some other residents of Camp Liberty. In Tirana, far from the closed affaires of the MKO Cult, Mr. Alireza Amiri parted away with the group and contacted his family.

++ Sharq News (Translated by Nejat Society) ‘Iraq to facilitate the meeting of MKO Camp residents and their families’. Iraq’s Human Rights Minister mentioned the MKO in talks with three UN officials saying the problem of the MKO in Iraq is on its way to being solved now that the Albanian government has received numbers of them while other states have refused their requests for asylum. The Minister added that the government is working to bring the families of Camp Liberty residents to Baghdad for the purpose of meeting with their loved ones as part of a humanitarian mission undertaken by the Iraqi government.

++ Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye. ‘New Iran reactor revelations highlight role of Mojahedin Khalq’. “They’ve been referred to as a “cult” and a “terrorist organisation” by Iran, the EU and the US at various times. But the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), also known as the People’s Mujahideen of Iran (PMOI) have continued to endure as one of the longest-running militant groups opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran.” In a press conference in Washington the MKO announced they have “evidence of a secret facility buried deep beneath the ground in the northeast suburbs of Tehran, engaged in uranium enrichment… They stated that their information came from “highly placed sources within the Iranian regime, as well as those involved in the nuclear weapons projects”… In 2004 it was reported that they had given German intelligence a series of documents which seemed to prove the existence of a nuclear facility at Lavizan and enrichment-related activity at the Parchin military complex. Evidence later emerged in an expose of Israeli spying practices which suggested that some or all of the documents had been given to the group by Israel’s Mossad secret service. Links between the two groups – who share a mutual enemy in the Islamic Republic – were alleged to go as far as training and arming, according to some reports.”

++ Mazda Parsi, Nejat Bloggers. ‘Rearmament of the recently Disarmed Mojahedin Khalq terrorists?’ “While Maryam Rajavi tells a German newspaper, ”our objective can be summed up in three words: freedom, democracy and equality”, how can she order the West to give their weapons back? Such contradictory ideas can be only originated from a mixed hypocritical ideology that shifts from time to time. The analyst of the American Conservative, Daniel Larison may suggest the best description of the MKO Cult: “The MEK is neither moderate nor democratic, and it seeks only the aggrandizement of its leaders. The group is understandably distrusted and loathed by most Iranians for its past record of hostilities against Iran, and it doesn’t speak for any of the legitimate opposition to Iran’s regime. Anyone advocating for Western support of this organization and its allies is not helping anyone inside Iran. All that MEK boosterim does is to try to whitewash a monstrous group that has killed both Americans and Iranians.” By the way, is it rational to ask to rearm a recently disarmed group with a longtime background of violent acts? People should ponder and use their wisdom in facing this question.”

++ Nejat Bloggers, ‘MKO disappointed by Mossad?’ “Binyamin Netanyahu’s dramatic declaration to world leaders in 2012 that Iran was about a year away from making a nuclear bomb was contradicted by his own secret service, according to a top-secret Mossad document, reported the Guardian on Monday February 23rd… The revealing report was published by the Guardian while the Israeli leader Netanyahu is making efforts to obstruct the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West. Of-course to achieve such an objective the Zionist regime is not alone. The Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ the Cult of Rajavi) have been closely cooperating with Israel for years. It was an operative arm for Israel to launch spying and terrorist operations against Iran.” Ismael Salami of Global Research said, ““As far as I know, the group (MKO) has been collaborating with Israel for several years and has massive interactions with Mossad.”… Maryam Rajavi and Netanyahu are pursuing the same path to obstruct any deal between Iran and the US. “In April 2012, a former head of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, accused Netanyahu of “messianic” political leadership for pressing for military action, saying he and the then defense minister, Ehud Barak, were misleading the public on the Iran issue”, writes the Guardian. This is exactly what Maryam Rajavi has been seeking for many years. She has always been in accord with her new master, Benjamin Netanyahu.”

++ TEHRAN, Feb. 25 (MNA), ‘UN envoy: W-Post’s report on Iran’s N-program “fictitious”’. Referring to the MKO, the new permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations, Gholamali Khoshroo, has dismissed the Washington Post report on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program as ‘baseless’ and ‘fictitious.’ “The radical and extremist groups which see their hefty investments on securitizing Iran’s peaceful nuclear program on the verge of collapse and are witnessing the growing isolation of Iranophobic policies due to the Islamic Republic’s logical approach to international developments, attempt to spread lies and launch black propaganda against the completely peaceful nuclear program of Iran,” he said in the statement.

++ Florida Democrat, Daily Kos. ‘BREAKING: Amateur hour at the pro-war media, latest allegations by Mojahedin Khalq FABRICATED.’ “In the wake of the embarrassing new revelations that the top Israeli intelligence agency is contradicting Bibi Netanyahu on his alarmist Iran intelligence, the well known liars, the “dissident” group NCRI (aka MEK), has jumped into damage control action and has released a suspiciously timed report that claims Iran has a new secret site. Countless media outlets including of course Faux News, have jumped on this as well… But it’s a total fabrication. The image included in the NCRI report is actually a product shot from the Iranian safe company… This is truly amateur hour. It took only a Google “search by image” to find it. Actually, I first became suspicious when I read the original report and saw the picture. They said this was for “radiation”… why would a radiation resistant door be made out of stainless steel? Shouldn’t it be covered completely by lead? Also, these clowns supposedly infiltrated this large underground nuclear bunker, but only had like a 1990′s camera phone on them? Why not more pictures or videos? Well, once you see the real picture they stole (the product shot from GMP Safe Company), you see that the original shows windows with sunlight coming in from behind the safe. It’s clearly not in a secret underground bunker, but rather a warehouse which makes perfect sense for a safe…”

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