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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 90

++ The MEK and its affiliated fronts – the NCRI, Maryam Rajavi etc – have gone all out to praise Saudi Arabia for attacking Yemen. It is not the first time they have praised Saudi Arabia for just about anything at all [an indication of the needy relationship Rajavi has with the country]. Fars News reproduced the MEK praise alongside praise from Israeli media such as the Jerusalem Times, showing they are carbon copies of each others’ position.

++ This week Maryam Rajavi has issued a New Year Message; she does this every year as though she is the Queen of Iran. This year, as for the past thirty years, she promises this will be the last one and this coming year ‘we’ will topple the Iranian regime. Mohammad Razaghi has collated each of these messages along with a picture of Rajavi posing with her Haftsin table. One of the seven ‘S’s is the word Sarneguni [overthrow]. Razaghi says this is the best joke he has heard all year – that she simply doesn’t give up. Others have pointed out that her message is directed at Israel and the Neocons rather than any other group of people. Her message is actually a plea: “why don’t you attack Iran?”

++ The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) held its annual fake meeting last week. Various commentators say that ‘putting aside the usual lies and irrelevant issues, the whole discussion is reduced to demanding that the US re-arms the people in Camp Liberty’. This has provoked a reaction among internal critics of the MEK. They ask ‘why do you want to kill these poor pensioners by arming them in Iraq and making them into targets?’ Commentators also say that it is apparent that for Rajavi the NCRI presents more problems than it is worth. There are predictions the NCRI will be abolished before long.

++ Several people have written to President Holland asking him as the head of the MEK’s host country to put pressure on Maryam Rajavi to allow the hostages in Camp Liberty to leave and to allow international agencies to take them out of Iraq.

In English:

++ The extreme right Israeli Settlers news outlet Beritbart, in an article titled ‘A Complete Timeline of Obama’s Anti-Israel Hatred’, reveals that the MEK lined up with Israel behind the back of the American Administration to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists.

++ Iran Interlink reports that fifteen young Iranians have now arrived in America following their escape from the pernicious hold of the Rajavi cult… The fifteen individuals have been accepted as refugees by the United States and were flown to Los Angeles on 21 March. This group is part of a quota of 80 from the 3,000+ MEK members which the US agreed to accept from the temporary transit camp Liberty (aka Hurriyeh) in Iraq. The government of Iraq and the United Nations are coordinating efforts to have all the residents transferred to third countries as soon as possible. Only the cult leader Massoud Rajavi is obstructing and resisting this inevitable process.

 March 27, 2015

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