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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 100

++ Fifteen residents of Camp Liberty have been transferred to Albania. MEK commander Habibeh Thavali has accompanied the other residents in order to keep control of them and prevent them leaving the cult. In Tirana this week, Siavosh Sattar – nicknamed Nader Afshar – who was a long serving, high ranking member, left the MEK and joined with the other ex-members in Albania.

++ Several families of residents being held hostage in Camp Liberty by the Rajavis, have established a permanent picket just outside the entrance to the camp. They have emphasised to officials and media that their single demand is to meet with their loved ones, and then they will leave. The MEK has reacted hysterically in Farsi, swearing at them and begging America for help saying “they have come to kill us”. The MEK is angry because the families are shouting out the names of their loved ones and sending out messages of love and concern. Camp Liberty is much smaller than Camp Ashraf and the residents can hear these families all over the camp. The presence of the families has proven to have a dramatic effect on the morale of those inside and MEK commanders are as vulnerable to this effect as the rank and file.

++ In the lead up to Saturday’s rally at Villepinte, Paris, to celebrate the MEK’s belief in violent regime change, an article has appeared in the Washington Times advertising for Maryam Rajavi. In it Rajavi criticises the Obama administration on behalf of the pro-war lobby. Without naming Daesh but referring to them as “Sunnis”, she is asking that they be used alongside the MEK against Iran. A year ago Rajavi was more open about her support for Daesh and referred to them then as “Revolutionary Sunni Tribes”. Her message is exactly the same as Al Douri (before he was killed) and the remains of the Saddamists, who also want to be used alongside Daesh against Iran. Nobody listened to them and nobody is listening to Rajavi. The article has been styled as an interview. Neither Maryam Rajavi nor her fugitive husband has ever spoken with the media unless given control of what is published. This uncharacteristic outpouring in this newspaper signifies that she wants to show she is not hiding. But the event at Villepinte tells us differently. There is no other Iranian speaker and no Iranian in the audience except brainwashed MEK members. However, Rajavi has brought out of mothballs in Norway two grown offspring of an MEK family called Gharari – their uncle is a ‘thug’ in the MEK. Their only claim is that their father was executed in Iran thirty years ago. Rajavi has brought them alongside herself to show there are Iranians at Villepinte. But she would never stand next to another Iranian who actually had something to say for themselves.

++ Some ex members from Yaran Association in Paris have gone to Villepinte this week and distributed leaflets in the vicinity exposing who Rajavi is and that her rally is about armed struggle. They received a surprisingly warm welcome among the residents and passers-by. [Perhaps due to the Charlie Hebdo effect, French citizens now reject having terrorists foisted on them in their own country – ed.]

++ There have been many articles about Villepinte. The most interesting was by Ali Keshgar a well-known opposition personality. In his short explanation he delves into the heart of what Villepinte is about and names the people behind it and their connections to Israel. He demonstrates that Rajavi’s rally is nothing more than make-up on the face of the Israeli war lobby to make it look like Farsi. It has nothing to do with Iranian opposition politics and in fact the MEK are purely mercenary. Another article by Mohammad Razaghi, a human rights activist and ex member in Paris, emphasises the zero support for the MEK inside Iran and outside Iran. Nobody wants to get near them. They are universally hated because of their treachery, cultic abuses and mercenary acts. He refers to the President of Albania who agreed to be a paid speaker at the event. Razaghi says “even if you bring another forty-five presidents from all over the world, it will make no difference because you (Rajavi) lack the fundamental element – the support of Iranians”.

In English:

++ Nejat Bloggers: “Half a century after the foundation of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization as an armed militant group against the Shah of Iran, the group’s critics including its defectors analyse the path that ended in the decline of the group and its transformation from an armed political organization to a cult of personality. Mr. Sirous Ghazanfari, an ex- member of the MKO describes how Massoud Rajavi’s leadership brought about the collapse of the group. Ghazanfari was interviewed by Nejat Society, Eastern Azarbayjan office.”

++ Habilian Association, Iran: “Dr. Jang Ji-Hyang, policy advisor on Middle East issues to South Korean foreign minister and director of the Center for Regional Studies at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, pointed out the similarity between Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, MEK, NCRI,) and Al-Qaida affiliated groups like ISIS in an interview with the 2nd International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims’ correspondent. Regarding the fact that thousands of people in the Middle East have fallen victim to terrorist operations mainly conducted by terrorist groups such as MKO and Al-Qaida affiliated groups like ISIS, Dr. Jang Ji-Hyang said: “Mujahedin-e Khalq organization and Al-Qaida affiliated groups are similar in the sense that they try to gain publicity and international attention trying to maximize the demonstrative effects.” She also pointed out that both Shia and Sunni Muslims are victims of such terrorist incidents.”

++ Mazda Parsi writing for Nejat Bloggers says the MEK is looking for a new landlord. Following the downfall of Saddam Hussein – who Massoud Rajavi called ‘the landlord’ – the MEK has faced eviction from Iraq. Even the services it offered the West were not enough to prevent the closure of the MEK’s military base Camp Ashraf. Now, “Inviting the President of Albania to speak at the MKO’s yearly propaganda show in Villepint, Paris, is the proof that the MKO leaders are counting on Albania as the new landlord. This time, the group leaders launch [a] new propaganda tactic to run their agenda… Massoud Rajavi was proud of his history of terror and violence in Saddam’s era; he used the whole capacity of his group to work with [the] Iraqi Baath regime. But today he has to conceal his violent past under the cover of fraudulent slogans of democracy so as to decrease the speed of its declining fate.”

++ Reviving the Iran-North Korea Axis – More MEK Fabrications, John Feffer, Lobelog. “What about the very specific details of Iranian delegations visiting North Korea? The source of this information is Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK), the Iranian resistance group that resembles a cult more than a collection of dissidents and has received a “terrorist” designation from the U.S. government. MEK has proven quite unreliable in the past, for instance in its assertion in 2010 of a secret nuclear site near the Iranian city of Qazvin. More recently, MEK supplied equally detailed revelations about a secret centrifuge facility underneath a Tehran suburb. In his debunking of the claims, Jeffrey Lewis concluded in Foreign Policy that:

The MEK highlights Iran’s nuclear programs — real, imagined, and downright fabricated — as a way to build support for regime change in Tehran. Hemming in the Iranian nuclear program through diplomacy removes one of the MEK’s most effective talking points in favor of bombing Iran. They won’t go down without a fight.

To continue the fight, MEK has brought in a heavy: North Korea. But note that the reports describe a North Korean delegation that includes experts in both nuclear warhead design and ballistic missiles. If such a delegation has visited, they may well have focused entirely on ballistic missiles. After all, although the North Korean government has claimed to have mastered the miniaturization necessary to put a nuclear warhead on a missile, the jury is still out on whether these claims are true…

In any case, the State Department responded immediately to the most recent allegations of Iran-North Korean nuclear cooperation that “we don’t have any information at this time that would lead us to believe that these allegations impact our ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.””

June 12, 2015

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