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Fathers of two MKO hostages to denounce the cult

On Monday, July10th Mr. Mustafa Mohammadi former activist and sympathizer of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization and Mr. Ghorbanali Hossein Nezhad former high-ranking member and interpreter of the group, went to Auver Sur d’Oise in the suburb of Paris where the European base of the MKO is located. Both men have daughters taken as hostages by the MKO leaders in Camp Liberty, Iraq.

Mr. Mohammadi and Mr. Hossein Nezhad tried to inform citizens of Auver Sur d’Oise about the violent, cult-like nature of the MKO. They distributed flyers, brochure, images and CDs to help the citizens get to know about the cult that has kidnapped their daughters, Somayeh Mohammadi and Zeinab Hossein Nezhad.

They described how the MKO trapped their girls in to the cult. Somayeh was a Canadian citizen before she was recruited by the MKO and Zeinab was recruited in France.

Citizens of Auver Sur d’Oise welcomed the two suffering fathers. They offered sympathy to them. Some of them had witnessed Mr. Mohammadi and his other daughter being beaten by the MKO henchmen a few weeks earlier in Auver Sur d’Oise near the MKO headquarters. They praised him for his courage and resistance.

Mr. Mohamamdi and Hossein Nezhad called on other families – whose beloved ones were sent to the MKO’s military Camps in Iraq – to join their action and to support their judiciary and international efforts to release their loved ones.

The two fathers said:” we have no appeal from the Cult of Rajavi except letting our children leave the mental and physical bars of the cult.” This is definitely a  human, moral and legal demand.

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